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Chapter 142.1 - Legitimate Self Defense

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 142.1:

    Hearing the man’s mocking tone, Qing Yu glanced at the man expressionlessly, clearly not falling for the taunt, but just continued to lean weakly against his shoulder as she said indifferently: “Don’t think just because you caught my fall that I will then be grateful to you.”

    Lou Jun Yao could not help but laugh and then replied: “It’s the least I should do. No need for any gratitude.”

    After taking a little time to gather herself and recover a bit, some colour returned to Qing Yu’s face. That was when Qing Yu noticed that Qing Bei and the others had also fallen into a dreamy state, and had not yet broken out of it, the expressions on their faces varied.

    Lou Jun Yao then said: “You don’t have to worry about them. You have already caused the hidden person behind this to suffer a severe backlash and they would not be in much danger while they are still caught in their dreams, maybe just have their minds ravaged a little at most, which would toughen them up.”

    Hearing that, the air around Qing Yu suddenly fell by quite a few good degrees.

    No matter whether this was to test them or not, but this was just too much. The memory that had been sealed and laid in dust for so long, after so many years where she had come to be able to gradually put it down. But that person had come to dig up this most painful memory once more.

    The name Qing Tian Lin always caused her emotions to surge up so easily.

    The young lady’s exquisitely beautiful face almost looked like a layer of frost had formed over its smooth skin, colder than the howling snowy blizzard raging outside. Her lips parted, her voice devoid of any emotion: “Lou Jun Yao, help me find that person.”

    He had seen her smiling with joy and admonish in rage, seen her deviously crafty and sly. But to look like she was out to shake the Heavens and tear up the earth like this, it was the first time that Lou Jun Yao was seeing it. He could not help but recall her face that he had seen earlier in the crystal ball, that had been so frail almost to the point of collapse. Just what could have caused her to be in so much despair?

    Although he did not know what she saw, but recalling how weakened and frail she had looked, Lou Jun Yao knew that he did not want to see that a second time.

    This young lady was born to look so proud like this, and looking pitifully weak should not ever appear on that face.

    One who dared to order Lou Jun Yao so matter of factly, throughout the entire world, it was feared that it was only just Qing Yu alone.

    The man seemed rather helpless, but what was seen between his brows could only be doting indulgence.

    The blizzard continued to howl outside, the bare trees covered in a thick blanket of white as they waved to and fro under the powerful wind, moving strangely under the darkness of the night.

    Someone hidden in a secret room on the ground floor was telling Qiao Wei something suddenly paused, and his eyes turned to gaze towards the door. The other people in the room immediately stopped talking, and the door was then opened in the next instant, letting in a bone biting icy chill from outside.

    A tall and well built figure came staggering in through the door, and then seemed to be trying to brace himself up for a long while before he fell on one knee to the ground, unable to withstand it any longer as he vomited out a mouthful of blood.

    Qiao Wei and the others stared with their eyes wide, in utter disbelief. “Devil Devouring Eagle! How did you even get injured! ? Who could have done it! ?”