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Chapter 142.3 - Legitimate Self Defense

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 142.3:


    Qiao Wei then subconsciously looked up at the tall man behind her. He was very tall, and half of his body was still cast in shadows, but his pair of violet eyes shone with a brilliant light within the darkness of night, that made her heart beat fast.

    The Arctic Snow Wolf was a thin figured man with sharp intelligent looks. When he heard those words that felt so much like a taunt, he just could not hold back his impulse at that instant but said to the young lady: “Little lass, you are courting your own death!”

    Immediately upon saying that, that nimble body moved at a speed faster than the eye could see as he lunged straight towards Qing Yu.

    “Stop!” Qiao Wei’s eyes flared wide, quickly shouting out to stop him, but it was already too late.

    The Arctic Snow Wolf’s fingers shot viciously towards the young lady’s thin slender neck in a malevolent strike, murder rising in his heart.

    Qing Yu stood unmoving in her spot, neither dodging nor running away, but just looked squarely at the attack that was riddled with openings. The long arm of the man behind her whipped out and pulled her into his arms.

    Before the Arctic Snow Wolf had even gotten close, he was thrown back by a powerful and explosive force, which sent his body crashing into the hard pillar all the way at the back of the hidden secret room, and a mouthful of blood immediately spurted out from his mouth as he lay weakly on the ground not moving an inch, unable to stand up at all.

    “Old Third!” Money Leopard’s face paled and he quickly went over to his companion, putting his hand on his wrist to check his condition. His face immediately turned an even uglier shade.

    He looked up mournfully to meet Qiao Wei’s worried gaze and said slowly, pausing at every single word: “All of Old Third’s meridians….. have been severed”

    Qiao Wei felt as if she had fallen into an icy lake, her eyes filled with terror as she stared at the mysterious man whose eyes were lowered as he questioned the young lady in his arms if she was alright.

    She had seen it clearly just now. That man….. had definitely not even made any move to strike at all. Just as Arctic Snow Wolf had come to get close to him, the man had merely just glanced expressionlessly at him. Just a single glance and Arctic Snow Wolf had all his cultivation destroyed, turned into a useless shell.

    How terrifying…..

    Though peerless pugilists with unparalleled power have been born in these Constellation Lands throughout the years, but never had there been one that could compare to this man’s attainment.

    Just who is this man! ?

    Qing Yu who had been about to make her move was similarly stunned as she looked at the scene before her. She then looked up with displeasure in her eyes and asked: “What are you doing?”

    Lou Jun Yao’s face was looking at her matter of factly as he replied: “Purely legitimate self defense. Someone was lunging straight at me, am I supposed to just stand there to let him strike me?”

    “Isn’t your self defense a little too overdone? Moreover, he was clearly coming right at me!”

    That single retaliation from him would surely cause that man to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. She had merely brought him along for grandstanding purposes. Now he has really done it, having completely crippled the man.