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Chapter 142.4 - Legitimate Self Defense

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 142.4: Legitimate Self Defense

    Looking at the young lady who was seemingly rather angry, Lou Jun Yao’s gaze turned sharp and his voice was low as he said: “I told myself that I will take care of you for Aunt Lan so I will not allow you to even come close to getting hurt at all.”

    His stern and serious demeanor caused Qing Yu to be stumped for words and she could do nothing but feel a little frustrated inside. She had merely wanted to teach the Devil Devouring Eagle a lesson but Lou Jun Yao had instead completely destroyed the Arctic Snow Wolf’s cultivation so she felt like she shouldn’t find any more trouble with them anymore.

    Seeing how jittery with trepidation Qiao Wei and her companions were, angry but not daring to voice out, Qing Yu suddenly came to pity them. That fella Lou Jun Yao had really been too tyrannical, never giving a thought to how severe and heavy handed a single strike from him would be.

    Which was not merely heavy, but the guy was now barely able to breathe!

    “This is a Spirit Strengthening Elixir. It should be able to help him.” Qing Yu said as she handed Qiao Wei a red porcelain bottle. “I had originally not meant much harm but a person would always have some part of their past that they would not be willing to revisit. But since things have turned out like this, I will not pursue it any further.”

    Qiao Wei had taken extra good care of her in the past two days and the room she was staying in with her companions was the best one in the inn, kept much warmer than the other rooms. Hence when the snow fell, the cold the few of them had felt in their room was quite a lot less than the others as well.

    Although it could be said that Qiao Wei had accepted benefits from the young lady, she had really treated the young lady quite well in here.

    Qiao Wei was taken aback by her actions a moment before she then accepted the tiny porcelain bottle. She immediately gave it to Money Leopard for him to feed it to Arctic Snow Wolf.

    Her eyes were rather confused as she went on to ask Qing Yu: “With the kind of powers you possess, why have you come to the Faint Mist Sect?”

    Although she had not seen the young lady make any moves, the aura emanating from a powerful pugilist was could never be completely masked. Moreover, she was acquainted with a friend with such terrifying cultivation, so how could she possibly be anyone ordinary?

    She could very well just go to the White Fen Continent.

    Hearing that, Qing Yu curved up the ends of her lips and her eyes grew deep and profound. “Going to the Faint Mist Sect….. is naturally not to further my cultivation but there a reason that makes it a must for me.”

    One would not be allowed to come out for two years after being accepted into the Faint Mist Sect. She really didn’t have so much time to waste in there as her ultimate aim was Cloud Heaven itself.

    The place filled with so much mystery.

    Being so severely injured, the Arctic Snow Wolf was naturally unable to control the weather anymore, and the snow that had fallen for a good half of the night finally stopped, as it all began to thaw.

    Many of them were not able to break out from the dreams that the Devil Devouring Eagle had weaved as it was just entirely human for them to be plagued by greed and past sins. In just one night, among the several hundred people who came to participate in the recruitment trials, only half remained.