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Chapter 143.1 - Beauty is Made Only in Close Proximity

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 143.1: Beauty is Made Only in Close Proximity

    Some had crumbled, unable to pick themselves up again after falling into the dreams and some had suddenly woken up but were unable to endure the strict and severe rules the sect had set, voluntarily choosing to given up on the opportunity on their own.

    Besides Qing Yu, everyone had probably been affected by the night’s events more or less but quite a number of people still chose to persevere.

    Today was the day of the admission trials and they all woke up very early. Although their numbers have been greatly reduced, it did not seem to affect them all that much when they gathered in the main hall to eat breakfast quietly, and they were told that someone from the Faint Mist Sect would be coming to bring them up the mountain.

    But the strange thing was that breakfast this morning was unexpectedly sumptuous.

    It had only been just plain buns and porridge that was so thin you could use it as a mirror in the past two days but today there were crystal dumplings, swallow tail roll, lotus paste cake and two exquisite plates of crunchy side dishes with sweet delicious fine grain porridge.

    When everyone saw the spread for breakfast, all of them suspected whether they were just hallucinating.

    Was this to be their last meal? How could it be so scrumptious! Compared to the food today what they had been eating the past two days was pure pig feed! When have they ever eaten something so hard to swallow in their lives? They really wouldn’t have eaten it if there was another choice.

    So when they all gazed upon the spread laid out, the expression on everyone’s faces quickly grew wary, afraid that this would be the last meal for them.

    Qiao Wei coughed awkwardly a couple of times and then announced: “What was done before was just to test all of you. Although this inn of mine is located in such a remote and desolate place, we are still capable of providing you with all these food. So everyone just eat up and enjoy it!”

    Everyone then relaxed their guard.

    But, Qing Yu’s table was destined to be unable to enjoy any peace today.

    For no other reason than the fact that a certain man had decided to remain here since last night, even coming to sit himself right next to her so naturally, gracefully taking his time to enjoy breakfast. His tall and muscular figure together with a face crafted by the hands of the gods that was so handsome it angered both mortals and deities alike, his seductive violet eyes filled with such a mysterious otherworldly air, completely drew everyone’s gazes to them.

    Seated on the opposite side, Qing Bei, Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu just sat there stunned, not knowing when this man had come to appear here, their faces mournful as they stared at Qing Yu.

    Sensing the gaze that was both perplexed and aggrieved coming from the young lady, Lou Jun Yao paused in his actions and glanced at her. “What’s wrong?”

    “Are you really….. that free and idle nowadays?” Qing Yu asked him.

    “Hm?” Lou Jun Yao lifted an eyebrow, looking like he did not understand.

    “We will be going to the Faint Mist Sect in awhile. Are you intending to follow us there as well?” Qing Yu asked him softly.

    [This man was afterall a respected entity from Cloud Heaven no matter how you put it. It’s fine if he chooses to stay here in the low level realms idling his time away doing nothing, but when he always comes hovering around before her face whenever he felt like it, she has to start asking whether he is really that bored and has nothing better to do?]

    Qing Yu’s words were clear and direct, which really meant to chase him away.