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Chapter 143.3 - Beauty is Made Only in Close Proximity

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 143.3: Beauty is Made Only in Close Proximity

    From the way things looked, she must really be somebody in the sect!

    Everyone sighed out in relief. Lucky for them they did not offend the Lady Boss.

    Lou Jun Yao had received a message from a subordinate back in the inn and had left first. It was only then that Yan Xi Rou and the others dared to speak up. The man’s aura had been too overpowering and they had found it hard to breathe just by being in such close proximity to him.

    Having just awoken from the weaved dreams, everyone was completely unaware of the frightening dangers they were all in last night, thinking that it was all just a bad nightmare.

    Close to the mountain where the Faint Mist Sect sat, layers of barriers had been set up, to prevent a recurrence of the events today at the recruitment trials like when the Scarlet Lands Eight Demons had come to stir up trouble, so they wanted to ensure that that would not happen.

    But it seemed like no one dared to come create trouble here today, not even the Carefree Valley who always went against the Faint Mist Sect, and no one came to compete for disciples like they had done before.

    It was for no other reason than the fact that it had been announced that this year’s recruitment trials would be helmed by the Faint Mist Sect’s fifth ranked disciple, the person who set the miraculous record of three hundred consecutive wins, Su Li Mo, as one of the trial’s invigilators.

    He was a lunatic whose cultivation was so maniacally powerful, so who would dare go court death by going there to pick a fight? That great lord loves a good fight the most and if anyone was to really go challenge him, it was thought he would be most happy to oblige.

    Of course the most important thing was that there was news saying the most highly skilled first ranked pugilist of legend in the Faint Mist Sect, the founder of the Deviant Department, Feng Tian Hen who had been undergoing training in the upper realms for many years had actually returned this time.

    That person was a legendary character held in high reverence in the hearts of the Faint Mist Sect’s disciples. According to disciples who had been in the sect for seven to eight years, they have only seen Su Li Mo a few times but have never seen any of the other top five ranked disciples before, not to mention the number one ranked of the inner circle.

    So when news of that spread, the Faint Mist Sect’s disciples broke out in a rousing cheer, their hearts excited and filled with anticipation. That had quickly deterred anyone who thought to stir up trouble on this day here and they had no choice but to know their own place.

    “Sigh. I have never seen these guys get so excited every time I came back. Our Chief is really so much more popular as expected.”

    Su Li Mo was dressed in a cool suit of black like always with that unremarkable looking old sword held to his chest, and he complained when he saw that the disciples around them as they walked past had undisguised excitement in their eyes.

    Luo Lan Zi beside him burst into laughter, his gentle and handsome countenance becoming even more mesmerizing as he laughed. “Are you really feeling sour that they did not welcome you in the same way?”

    Su Li Mo’s lips stiffened. “I wouldn’t care about such things. I am just worried that they are getting their hopes up for nothing. Who knows whether the Chief is really going to come back? It might rally just be unfounded rumours as I have not seen him for several years already.”