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Chapter 143.4 - Beauty is Made Only in Close Proximity

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 143.4: Beauty is Made Only in Close Proximity

    Luo Lan Zi lifted an eyebrow and then said: “It was the Sect Leader himself who said that so I do not think that it is false. Maybe that fella is already tired of staying out there for so long and just want to come back to the sect to pick a few good sprouts to nurture. The Deviant Department only has eleven people now and it is really rather lacking in numbers.”

    Su Li Mo shook his head. “He is so picky that I think there wouldn’t be a single one that he is satisfied with in the entire batch.”

    “Oh? Didn’t I hear you say that you discovered a youth with rather good potential back in the mystifying boglands?” Luo Lan Zi suddenly asked.

    “He’s really quite good, and not does that fella possess some great skills, it seemed like he was adequate in Medicine as well. But that does not mean that the Chief will think that he’s good enough.” Su Li Mo then shook his head. Moreover, Elder Jin said that he would definitely get that kid into the Elixir Cultivators Department, so the moment he appears, Elder Jin will immediately sink his claws into the kid.”

    Elder Jin was also one of the invigilators of this year’s trials.

    “But the problem now is how can you guys be sure that the youth would definitely come to the Faint Mist Sect?” Luo Lan Zi then asked incisively.

    Su Li Mo was taken aback a moment. It seems like he really had not considered that possibility at all.

    Today was also the day the Limitless Sect and the Carefree Valley would be holding their recruitment trials.

    When they got to the mountaintop where the Faint Mist Sect was at, quite a number of people were already seen moving about at the entrance. Disciples were assigned to issue number tags to the participants and after they got the tags, they were told that only ten would enter at a time to have their gifts assessed in the first round.

    The mysteriousness of the Faint Mist Sect was well known to the outside world. If none of their disciple inside came out to lead the way, no one would be able to go inside, unable to even locate the entrance.

    And at that moment, everyone had stopped before a wide and torrential waterfall and were looking a little puzzled. All that they saw was just the waterfall before them and there was nothing else. So where could the entrance be?

    Qing Yu and the others got their number tags and as it was given out in a random order, so the numbers were not in sequence.

    Ming Yi Yi got a number that was further towards the back and when she walked over beside Qing Yu, she saw the number Qing Yu held in her hand, which coincidentally was together with hers.

    She pressed her lips together in a smile and said: “Looks like we will be going inside together.”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu then glanced at the number in Ming Yi Yi’s hand and smiled at her.

    On the other hand, after Yan Xi Wu took her number tag and came back to the group, her face looked like the sky was about to fall.

    Yan Xi Rou asked with great concern. “What’s wrong?”

    The others also turned to look inquisitively at her and Yan Xi Wu just raised a trembling hand to show the number tag she held, which was a clear and bristling number three.

    Everyone in the group then uniformly stiffened their lips. To think that she was to be among the first group to go in. To get a number right at the forefront, her luck was really quite amazing.