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Chapter 144.1 - Mournful Looking Face

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 144.1: Mournful Looking Face

    Yan Xi Wu was almost going to burst into tears. “What do I do? I’m so nervous that my mind is completely blank. What am I going to do if I am immediately disqualified…..”

    “If old Senior Qin finds out that you did not even make it through the gift assessment round, he will surely fly into a big rage.” Yan Xi Rou said softly to her when she saw Yan Xi Wu looking so lost and confused.

    For the past half year, Qin Fang had been helping them train to raise their cultivation and had been exceptionally meticulous with Yan Xi Wu who possessed the lowest gift. Her powers had increased by quite a bit now and if she gets disqualified, then all of Qin Fang’s sweat and blood would have been wasted.

    Yan Xi Wu was imagining Old Senior Qin’s stern darkened face and she immediately felt a chill run through her.

    [No can do. She must not be disqualified.]

    Thinking about that, Yan Xi Wu quickly regained her focus.

    After everyone got their number tags, two disciples from the inner circle then walked to go stand before the waterfall before throwing something very quickly into it. The very next second, something incredible then happened.

    The torrential waters of the waterfall crashing down seemed to have frozen in place, becoming a beautiful and scenic painting, the place suddenly so quiet without the sound of water crashing down.

    A loud swishing then sounded as the waterfall then parted in the middle, slowly opening up. Three bold and stately looking characters that read “Faint Mist Sect” was then revealed behind. Upon the thick and heavy limestone doors, were two great lifelike carvings in the shape of a ferocious beast’s head with their fangs bared, staring malevolently at everyone there.

    The two disciples then walked forward to each hold a bronze ring right below the beast heads, before they knocked lightly with them, like there was a secret code. As the knocking sounds came to a stop, the great limestone walls then swung open laboriously, and the misty realm of deities that was the Faint Mist Sect then slowly appeared before everyone’s eyes.

    Everyone could not help but widen their eyes at the sight. So the legend that says the Faint Mist Sect was a place where deities lived was not just rumours. This place was just too beautiful for words!

    Several young women in their white sect uniforms came walking over slowly across the stone bridge as they approached, their figures slim and graceful, with beautiful looking countenances, which caused the young and hot blooded youths standing outside to stare in awe. The women in the Faint Mist Sect were indeed different from girls out in the outside world. They all looked like goddesses, every single one of them stunning in looks and demeanor!

    The thought that they would be staying together with these people who looked like goddesses in future, the hearts of everyone outside could not help but soar.

    “Number one to ten, follow me inside now.” One of the sect disciples opened her mouth to say, and then turned to walk inside.

    Yan Xi Wu took a deep breath and silently encouraged herself inside. But just before she took a step inside, she turned to glance with pitiful eyes like an abandoned puppy, at the still calm and composed Qing Yu.

    And Qing Yu gave her an encouraging smile in return.