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Chapter 144.2 - Mournful Looking Face

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 144.2: Mournful Looking Face

    Yan Xi Wu immediately perked up, feeling highly inspired. She raised her head high and puffed up her chest, full of confidence as she went walking inside.

    Although she did not know the reason why, but Qing Yu always made her feel safe and secure, like just getting her affirmation alone was enough for her to pass the first round.

    People took turns to go in ten at a time. The strange thing was whenever a person went in, the two beast heads on the limestone doors would flash with a blue light.

    “What is that?” Yan Xi Rou asked a little puzzledly.

    Ming Yi Yi beside her then opened his mouth to explain. “That is to determine that the people taking part in the trials are within the prescribed age range and whether they are carrying any forbidden elixirs or artifacts that could assist in raising their cultivation levels. If anything abnormal is found, the eyes of the beast heads will then turn red.”

    “So I see.” Yan Xi Rou nodded in understanding.

    Qing Yu looked on with interest at the highly lifelike beast heads with a measuring gaze, and she could not help but marvel at the fantastic and mystical things they have in this world. To think that they already have such advanced instruments in this era.

    “Qing Yu.” The cold voice of a girl suddenly sounded behind her.

    The expression on Qing Yu’s face turned to one of surprise as she spun around with smiles in her eyes. “Lai Lai! I thought that you were not coming!”

    Mu Lai who had previously agreed to come to the Faint Mist Sect together with Qing Yu had come in late due to matters that cropped up at the last minute.

    Having not seen her for half a year, Mu Lai’s demeanor had become a little more steady and restrained, and felt a little more imposing.

    She had completely tidied up the entire Mu Family in the past half year and Mu Qing Tian had been bedridden for a few months before his condition improved, so all the pressure had fallen entirely onto her. Although she was just a young lady who was eighteen, her nickname as the Demoness was not given to her for nothing. She was decisive and resolute, eradicating even kin who stood against her.

    Now, the Mu Family both feared and respected this Young Lord of theirs. Even if they were to manage to defeat Mu Qing Tian, this young lady has shown that she was even more terrifying than her father, so who would still dare to try any tricks?

    Not only did no one dared to have any other thoughts about the Mu Family Clan anymore, they had become even more concerned for Mu Qing Tian’s wellbeing and safety than Mu Lai herself.

    The young lady was dressed in full black like before, a tall and striking figure with a cold and icy aura.

    When she came walking in closer, Qing Yu then lifted up an eyebrow in further surprise. “Lai Lai, you’ve advanced in level?”

    She had still been at the eighth level of the silver grade as an Elixir Cultivator six months ago, but she was now at the peak of the ninth level.

    A very faint smile formed at the ends of Mu Lai’s lips. “Mm. I broke through two months ago, but have been stuck here since, unable to progress any further.”

    “That is already very good. Breaking through the grades and levels for an Elixir Cultivator isn’t anything like the way it is for martial arts pugilists. Every single level is a great chasm for an Elixir Cultivator to breakthrough and you actually attained three whole levels in a matter of six months. If all those Elixir Cultivators were to know this, they would surely call you an absolute maniac.” Qing Yu said with an amused smile.