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Chapter 144.3 - Mournful Looking Face

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 144.3: Mournful Looking Face

    Mu Lai smiled along with Qing Yu’s words, unable to deny them. She was indeed more talented than most ordinary Elixir Cultivators but when it came to real maniacal gift, who could compare with someone like Qing Yu.

    Ming Yi Yi watched the close intimacy shared by the two people from the side and was a little surprised. It was after quite a good while before she opened her mouth to say: “Could this lady here be….. the Elixir Cultivator Family Clan’s Young Lord Mu?”

    She had tagged along together with her elder brother and a few elders to go pay a visit to that Elixir Cultivator Family Clan a few years ago and she remembered that the Mu Family’s Young Lord was highly aloof and not easy to get close to, a person with a cold personality. Never had she ever thought that she would see such an amiable side of her here today.

    Hearing that, Mu Lai turned her eyes to look at her, looking a little puzzled. “And you are?”

    As expected, not only was the Young Lord cold and haughty, her nose was always up in the air, never bothering to remember people she was not concerned with. And the only person that she really remembered very well, was only just Qing Yu alone, whom she admired wholeheartedly.

    Upon seeing that, Qing Yu came forward smilingly to introduce them. “This here is the Soul Cultivators Tribe’s Ming Yi Yi, and you should have heard of her before.”

    Mu Lai nodded her head, and seemed to recall something. “You are Ming Jing’s younger sister, and you guys came to the Mu Family looking for medicine three years ago.”

    The Soul Cultivators Tribe and the Mu Family were rather friendly with each other and they had always maintained a cordial relationship. Mu Lai and Ming Jing were rather good friends and he had naturally mentioned his younger sister that he doted on very much to Mu Lai.

    “I wouldn’t have thought that Young Lord Mu would remember me.” Ming Yi Yi said beamingly, her two adorable dimples showing upon her fair skinned cheeks, pretty and charming.

    “Just call me Mu Lai. There is no such thing as Young Lord or whatever like it once we are in the Faint Mist Sect.” Mu Lai said matter of factly.


    On the other side, the people who have been led inside to have their gifts assessed were brought to a wide and expansive hall, that stood completely empty without anyone else in there.

    “Senior, er….. Aren’t we supposed to have our gifts assessed? But there isn’t even a Gift Sorting Rock in here at all.” A youth with delicate features said in a weak voice.

    To that, the inner circle disciple raised an eyebrow to look at the youth and replied: “Oh. We have indeed always used the Gift Sorting Rock for the assessment, but we’ve changed it and will be using a different method this year.”

    [They changed it?]

    The participants looked at each other with mournful faces. [If they are not using the Gift Sorting Rock, then how are they going to be assessed?]

    “Starting from the most basic comprehension of the elements. Within a cup of tea’s time, the people who are able to first decipher the kinds of elemental power presently here in this vast empty hall will pass this round.”

    Once the disciple’s words came out, if it was said that they were all confused just now, then they were all utterly baffled now.

    [What is going on here? What does gift assessment have to do with comprehension of the elements at all? Isn’t that an ability that only people who were just starting to practice martial arts would need to learn? Or were they being toyed with here? ?]