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Chapter 144.4 - Mournful Looking Face

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 144.4: Mournful Looking Face

    Seeing all kinds of thought going through their minds in everyone’s faces, the disciple then said in explanation. “The most basic foundation of a warrior is their grasp of of their elemental powers and I believe all of you would have gone through this before. If you are able to do extremely well in this most simplest of tasks, it just shows that you are not that far off to achieving greater things. But while the task might seem very simple, it is not something that everyone is capable of doing. In this great hall now, it holds energy from three different elements. That will also mean that only three of you will remain from among you, and whoever identifies them first, will be deemed to have passed.”

    [Why was it already so hard in the very first round? !]

    [No one told them that the gift assessment round had been upgraded to such a sadistic level at all! They were catching them completely by surprise here. Just three among ten will advance. That’s just too cruel!

    And what the participants did not know was that in that vast empty hall, an array had been set up, and the invigilators chosen for the trials were already seated there to watch them, but the participants were just not able to see the people inside the barrier array.

    This was a suggestion brought up by Su Li Mo to prevent the participants from being unable to perform to their normal potential, so it would be better if the little kids did not see the invigilators.

    Seated on Su Li Mo’s left was Elder Jin and he was watching the people in the vast hall with a stern face. Seeing that, Su Li Mo gave a light laugh and then said: “Elder Jin, do you think that the kid you thought was good would come?”

    Elder Jin turned to glance at him and said confidently. “Definitely.”

    Su Li Mo raised an eyebrow in amusement. “So certain?”

    “My judgement is naturally correct. The first time I laid my eyes on that youth, I already knew that he would become one of our Faint Mist Sect’s disciples.” Elder Jin replied.

    Su Li Mo stifled a laugh. [This old man says it as if he’s clairvoyant. Can he really predict the future? Although he hopes that the kid will come to the Faint Mist Sect as well.]

    Besides Elder Jin and Su Li Mo as the trial’s invigilators, there was also Elder Yan among the Twelve Elders, the First Disciple of the Soul Cultivators Department Ming Jing, and the lady seated on the extreme right with stunning looks, her demeanor aloof with a beautiful and enchanting five petal flower on her forehead, who else could it be but Yan Ning Luo?

    As the female with the strongest cultivation among the inner disciples who was highly favoured by the Sect Leader, she was also made to be one of the invigilators.

    She was not paying any attention to the talk about the youth between Su Li Mo and Elder Jin at that moment, her face expressionless.

    The reason she was sitting here was also because Qing Yu and the few others would be coming today.

    She had not thought that the idiot Yan Xi Wu would come in together with the first batch of participants. With that kind of aptitude, she would not be able to even make it through the first round, and would just embarrass herself.

    She thought back about the secret letter she had received from her mother some time ago, sent from the Eternal Peace Duke Manor and her clear eyes darkened almost imperceptibly.

    She had originally only wanted Yan Qing Yu to know her place and back off, to make her leave the Faint Mist Sect on her own accord. But she had not thought that she would humiliate Mother so badly and that was a direct challenge to her.

    Since that was the case, then Qing Yu cannot blame her for being heartless.