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Chapter 145.1 - Incredible Youth, Where Will He End Up

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 145.1: Incredible Youth, Where Will He End Up

    Sometimes when it came to luck, one really wouldn’t know who it would shine onto.

    Compared to the lost and panicked people beside her, Yan Xi Wu was only taken aback a moment before she quickly came back to her senses. They were actually testing them on the very thing that old Senior Qin had laboriously trained her to do for two whole months, to ascertain the kind of elemental power? Can it be any more coincidental! ?

    If she was not taking the test right here in the Faint Mist Sect at this moment, she would really suspect whether old Senior Qin had found a way to ask someone to make it easy for her to pass the assessment.

    To the others, finding the elemental powers present here in this vast hall was really quite tough. But to Yan Xi Wu who had undergone Qin Fang’s training for the past few months in this, it was relatively easy.

    Even if she was not as good as them in other things, but when it came to identifying elemental powers, she was feeling quite confident.

    So, right before Yan Ning Luo’s incredulous eyes, Yan Xi Wu became the first person among ten people to ascertain the type of elemental power, the first person to pass the test.

    “Eh, this little lass is rather good. To think that she has such good aptitude?” Su Li Mo said in surprise.

    And Yan Ning Luo at the side was staring with her eyes wide as she muttered softly to herself: “How is it possible…..”

    Her voice was so soft it was almost inaudible, and only Elder Yan who was closest to her heard it. He then turned to ask her a little curiously: “What’s wrong?”

    Yan Ning Luo was brought in by the Sect Leader himself back then. As she was greatly gifted and was highly intelligent, the Sect Leader had always shown her great care and concern, and it was something that all of them knew.

    But the young lady was always cold and aloof, and this was the first time that Elder Yan saw the icy facade crack.

    Towards Elder Yan’s probing eyes, Yan Ning Luo came to realize that she had gotten a little agitated. She shook her head slightly and then said: “Nothing.”

    It’s just a coincidence that Yan Xi Wu was able to make it through the first round, and that is already her limit.

    Outside the mountain’s gates, the waiting youths were gathered together, some peering uneasily inside, trying to get a glimpse of the things happening within. After awhile, the first batch of ten people who went in earlier came out, and everyone immediately surrounded them in a swamp.

    “How is it? How is it? You passed? Was it hard?” Someone asked very excitedly.

    But the very next moment, he clamped his mouth shut in silence.

    Because he saw the mournful looks on their faces and he had already guessed the answer. They have been eliminated.

    Another person then said with a sigh: “No wonder it was said that the Faint Mist Sect is the hardest to be admitted into among the Three Great Sects. Even the very first round is already so hard, I really do not hold much hope for myself.”

    Actually, for those who were eliminated in the first round, there was a second chance for them to try again. But as the impact of failing was too great for them, the people who were eliminated just walked off, to leave the mountain.

    A strong wave of emotions then surged through the hearts of everyone there.