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Chapter 145.2 - Incredible Youth, Where Will He End Up

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 145.2: Incredible Youth, Where Will He End Up

    Isn’t it just an assessment of their gifts? Since they dared to come take part in the recruitment trials, without a certain level of powers, they wouldn’t come to humiliate themselves before others. But….. to not even make it past the first round?

    The departure of the few people had undoubtedly dealt a heavy blow to many of the others.

    Meanwhile on this side, Yan Xi Wu was happy like a bird, immediately giving Yan Xi Rou a big bear hug upon seeing her sister before she said happily: “Hahahah. I made it! I passed! I’m really just too good at this. Haha…..”

    Yan Xi Rou was almost getting dizzy from Yan Xi Wu’s excited shaking and she quickly pried her sister’s hands of her as she asked: “I heard the others saying that it was very tough and you passed?”

    Yan Xi Wu could not contain the joy from showing on her face. “It was indeed quite tough but do you know? The gift assessment round was a test of what old Senior Qin made me practise for so long, the comprehension and identification of elemental powers, so I was the first one to make it through!”

    Qing Yu could not help but laugh. “You really hit it right on the head with a blind stroke. What great luck.”

    People on the other side overheard their conversation and they all surged over to come ask Yan Xi Wu. It was the first time that she was so closely surrounded by such a big crowd and her sweet and pretty face immediately spilled over with a beaming smile, as she patiently explained to everyone.

    Seeing that, Yan Xi Rou could not help but raise an eyebrow. “Why do I feel like something is wrong here? If everyone knows the method to get through the test for the first round, wouldn’t everyone then make it through?”

    [If she was able to think of that, then how could the Faint Mist Sect not thought of it?]

    Her concern turned out to be right. When the second batch of ten people went in for the trials, their faces looked highly stunned when they came out.

    When everyone saw their faces, they could not help but think. [Have they all made it through and they were so happy they had become dazed?]

    But that thought had just sprouted up in people’s minds when they heard a person shouting: “Why would they test us on beast taming for the gift assessment round? I have been coming here for three years! Why are the things they test on different every time? !”

    An adorable doll like girl’s eyes were red at the rims, her tiny face pale as she sobbed: “Boo hoo hoo….. I will not come to the Faint Mist Sect again even if you beat me to death….. They almost scared me to death in there…..”

    Only the Heavens knew that they had just been chased around by spirit beasts snapping right on their heels.

    Sure enough, the results was worse for the second batch, where only two people made it.

    Only when they had absolutely no idea what was going to happen and they make it through would it force them to show their true powers. It could be said that the Faint Mist Sect’s recruitment trials this year was rather resourceful.

    With that, out of twenty people, only a pitiful five managed to pass the tests.

    Seeing the forlorn and mournful faces of the people who went in after her, Yan Xi Wu could not help but take a big swallow. Fortunately she had drawn a number right at the front, otherwise if she had been among this batch, she would have failed miserably.