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Chapter 145.3 - Incredible Youth, Where Will He End Up

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 145.3: Incredible Youth, Where Will He End Up

    She tugged lightly at Yan Xi Rou’s sleeve beside her and asked in a soft voice: “Are you nervous?”

    Not getting a response for a good while, she then lifted her eyes to look in puzzlement. She was so shocked her eyes widened and she quickly released her hand. She did not know when Yan Xi Rou had walked away and the person standing beside her was instead Qing Bei, whose handsome featured face was looking down darkly at her.

    Yan Xi Wu had become more and more afraid of this youth, thinking that he was very scary when he was not speaking, especially when he was staring at her without any expression on his face like this.

    The thought that she had been tugging at his clothes and had not been smacked to death by him, Yan Xi Wu felt that her lucky stars must have been shining really brightly today.

    The people taking part in the recruitment trials were gathered before the Faint Mist Sect’s mountain gates and there were roughly about five or six hundred people at a glance. As the people taking part in the trials made their way in and then came out one batch after another, before anyone noticed it, the crowd of people had already thinned out by a third.

    In just a short two hours, so many have already been eliminated.

    “Next group, number one hundred and ninety to two hundred.”

    Qing Bei glanced at his own number tag in his hand. One hundred and ninety nine. It was his turn, and his gaze subconsciously passed over Qing Yu fleetingly.

    “Give them your very best Little Bei.” Having noticed the youth’s gaze pass over her, Qing Yu then told him in a gentle voice.

    Qing Bei slowly broke into a smile, filled with confidence as he said: “It’s no problem for me.”

    Although there were many people taking the test, but every group that went in there would take just an incense stick’s time at most before the test would end, so it was not really that exhausting for Su Li Mo and the other invigilators.

    “What will this batch be tested on?” Su Li Mo asked, his chin cupped lazily in the palm of his hand.

    All the topics they were tested on were different, the things they were tested on set by the sect’s Elders.

    Elder Jin drew a small piece of paper out from the wooden box and upon it, was written Soul Powers.

    “Heh heh Ming Jing, this is in your area of expertise. I wonder if there will be anyone among this group of people that can catch your attention.” Su Li Mo smiled when he saw the words on the small piece of paper, and then turned to the man who was one person away from him on his right.

    That person looked to be in his early twenties, his complexion smooth as fine jade, his facial features profound and handsome as his body exuded a cold and forbidding aura, which was exactly as the saying goes: A man fine as jade, a young master of unmatched talent.

    The First Disciple of the Soul Cultivators Department, sixth ranked among the inner disciples, just one step below Su Li Mo.

    Hearing that, Ming Jing merely replied indifferently: “All persons with soul powers below the fourth level are not needed by the Soul Cultivators Department.”

    The corner of Su Li Mo’s mouth twitched. “Then you had better not watch them at all. Even my own soul power point level is currently at the fourth level, so I fear you will not be able to find anyone you want from the participants.”