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Chapter 145.4 - Incredible Youth, Where Will He End Up

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 145.4: Incredible Youth, Where Will He End Up

    This fella’s soul power points was already at the eighth level and the Soul Cultivators Department’s teachers should only be around level nine or so. Isn’t this guy asking for a little too much here?

    Against anything he could have expected, Ming Jing then threw him a glance and said: “My younger sister’s soul power points have already reached level five last year.”

    Su Li Mo was rendered speechless. “…..” [The level of gift in that family is just too terrifying.]

    The ten participants for the trials came walking slowly into the great hall, all of them youths in their teens, puerile and green. When they saw how empty it was in the hall without a single person in there, they broke out in a smattering of soft mutterings.

    But one youth among them stood different from the rest.

    From the start, he showed neither panic nor nervousness, presenting himself to be completely calm and composed, not showing any bit of the impulsive restlessness a youth his age usually possessed, and his looks was also the most handsome looking among the group.

    “That young fella looks rather interesting.” Elder Yan said with a gentle smile.

    “Hey! It’s that kid!” Su Li Mo’s eyes lit up, his face an expression of pleasant surprise. “He is here as I have thought.”

    The several other people turned to look at him with inquiring gazes, and Yan Ning Luo seemed a little confused. She had naturally recognized Qing Bei, but….. how did Su Li Mo become acquainted with him?

    Su Li Mo then said with a laugh. “All of you are not aware of this. This lad here was with that white robed youth that time and if he is here, then that white robed youth must have come as well.”

    Hearing that, Elder Jin became greatly excited. “I wonder what number that kid got? Why not I just get someone to go bring that kid in? What if he becomes impatient while waiting and he decides to leave? Mm. I have somebody go fetch him right now!”


    [Elder Jin, you really can’t wait a little longer can you?]

    [He is afterall still a highly reverent Elder of the Faint Mist Sect, a teacher of the Elixir Cultivators Department, so can you at least give a little consideration to your image and dignity?]

    Elder Yan had been present that day as well and he had felt that the youth was extraordinary upon seeing him for the first time. Regardless whether it was his face that was almost devilishly good looking or that miraculous elixir from him that pulled Lian Shao Jie back from the very brink of death, everything about that youth just made him highly curious.

    So seeing Elder Jin acting up like this was something he could come to understand, as it had been a very long time since the Faint Mist Sect had last seen such an interesting person seeking to join their ranks.

    [He played the role of a teacher for both the Martial Pugilists Department and the Soul Cultivators Department so if the kid came to join either one of those departments, he would then be able to establish contact with that highly unusual fella. Maybe he would not be interested in joining the Elixir Cultivators Department at all.]

    And on that last point, Elder Yan’s guess was right, as the person they were talking about really had no interest in joining the Elixir Cultivators Department.