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Chapter 146.1 - Desire to Win Over

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 146.1: Desire to Win Over

    Hearing the others discussing about the mysterious youth so spiritedly, Yan Ning Luo looked at Qing Bei in the great hall with a rather conflicted gaze. He was just like Qing Yu, everything about them seemed to veer off the original path of logic, and went off in directions she could not comprehend.

    Like the weak and useless Yan Qing Yu when she was much younger. Not only had her temperament changed to become someone she could not read clearly, but she had such a close relationship with the one man Yan Ning Luo loved in her heart.

    And as for this youth who had been crippled and wheelchair bound for so many years, not only had he stood up once again, he had come to counter checkmate her mother, causing Father to be utterly disappointed with her mother, resulting in him neglecting her completely.

    Had this pair of siblings been born destined to oppose her?

    At that moment, Yan Ning Luo’s eyes surged with darkness within, like a terrifying vortex that could swallow people up, and it was a good while before calm was slowly restored.

    The disciples who had led the group in were originally about to say something, but then suddenly looked as if they had received other instructions. Their gazes became somewhat sympathetic as they looked at the participants, before retreating their way out.

    The youths did not know what was going on, completely baffled.

    [Have they….. thought of some new ways to torment them?]

    Elder Jin and the others behind the barrier then seemed to have understood the intentions of a particular person.

    To Ming Jing whose soul power points have reached level eight, these people were merely just insignificant insects in his eyes who should not even waste his time to have them undergo a test, so…..

    And the four people behind the barrier came to feel clearly a powerful blast of oppressive aura emanating from Ming Jing’s body in that instant. It was a crushing oppression onto a person’s mind, which was impossible to avoid.

    When even they were feeling such strong and intense discomfort, there was no need to mention those inexperienced youths still new to what the world was like.

    Su Li Mo could not help but criticised the guy inwardly. [This fella is really being too brutal.]

    The jet black penetrating eyes glinted with a gold light on the cold and aloof man with a face fine as jade, his soul energy coalescing into a blue demonic fanged lion in a ferocious rage as the energy poured out from his eyes. The blue beast leapt and broke through the barrier, before it lunged straight towards the youths whose faces turned deathly pale, scattering in frightened wails.

    This was even more terrifying than the others who had been chased around by spirit beasts earlier. The powerful mental attack crushed all lines of defence in their minds, magnifying the fear they felt by several times, rendering them completely unable to put up any kind of resistance at all.

    That was clearly just an illusory spirit beast transmogrified from soul energy but none of them even dared to stand to resist it at all, dooming them to be eliminated from this round.

    Ming Jing could not help but curl up the ends of his lips into a scornful smile. But suddenly, the smile on his face sagged very slightly, and his expression seemed rather surprised.