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Chapter 146.2 - Desire to Win Over

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 146.2: Desire to Win Over

    He saw the youth that had been the most calm and composed before continue to stand there without any change in the expression on his face except for a slight pale shade, his long good looking pair of eyes sparkling bright, his tall and slightly thin body straight and erect as he faced the ferocious and malevolent demonic lion, not showing the slightest sign of panic.

    Ming Jing’s surprised expression suddenly seemed a little conflicted. [Does this kid really possess power or is he just pretending to be calm?]

    Actually, he could have just retracted the attack he had thrown out with his soul powers. It was afterall just a test and he had no intentions of taking anyone’s life. However, he really wanted to see how the youth would deal with the situation.

    But if the kid was just putting on a brave front and was wounded by the Demon Lion, his cultivation might become completely destroyed.

    Qing Bei narrowed his eyes as he stared at the terrifying spirit beast that was coming closer and closer to him. There wasn’t a sliver of fear on his face but was instead seemingly eager with anticipation. Qing Yu had said that he possessed strong soul powers and that was why he had been able to perceive many unknown things. So, he was eager to see the extent of his powers.

    Power gathered within his slender fingers and a ball of bright purple electricity formed in his palm, crackling loudly. Upon looking at it more closely, it was imbued with a golden red streak within.

    In that very instant that the Demon Lion closed in, the youth’s palm clenched up tightly into a fist. With so much strength that green veins could be seen bulging up on the back of his hand, he aimed carefully at a spot on the forehead of the Demon Lion and smashed his fist straight down onto it.

    The scornful smile hanging from the corners of Ming Jing’s lips deepened. The kid was indeed just pretending to be brave. Did he really think that he’ll be able to strike a illusory Demon Lion like that? How naive!

    But in the very next second, the smile on his lips froze completely.

    The incredibly ferocious Demon Lion fell from the air like it had been severely wounded, its body surrounded by a deep purple electrifying light that assaulted it mercilessly. The Demon Lion’s body twitched and spasmed violently, and the mark of a palm could be seen deeply imprinted right in the middle of its forehead.

    The ever steady and composed Elder Yan immediately leapt up onto his feet, his gaze filled with pure and utter shock. “What a great kid! He combined soul powers with martial arts which elevated his soul power attack to its peak, giving it extremely great power, absolutely unstoppable!”

    After saying that, he turned his eyes onto Ming Jing who was still stunned in a daze and he said with a laugh: “You’ve really erred in your judgement this time. That kid’s gift isn’t inferior to yours at all.”

    The endless changing expressions on Ming Jing’s face was really fascinating to watch.

    But the person who was most shocked there was still Yan Ning Luo.

    On that peerlessly beautiful haughty looking face, if she had not fought to maintain a facade of composure, the others would have quickly noticed her rather unusual reaction.

    Her fingers inside her sleeves unconsciously curled up tightly, the knuckles turning white, and no one knew the kind of raging turmoil that was surging in her heart at that moment.