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Chapter 147.1 - A Dark Horse Emerges

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 147.1: A Dark Horse Emerges

    A level seven medium grade elixir. An Elixir Cultivator would need to have at least attained the Silver Grade before being able to refine such an elixir.

    And the purity of a level seven elixir would vary as well. It was not easy to achieve one hundred percent purity and it would be a test of the Elixir Cultivator’s grasp on herbs and the intensity of the elixir fire.

    But that was not the thing that worried everyone there. It was the old and battered equipment there, namely the elixir cauldron which looked as if it might just explode during the pill refinement process.

    As Elixir Cultivators, every single one of them had their own personal elixir stove and cauldron. But as the rules stated that they were not allowed to use their own items, it did not help no matter how good their elixir cauldron was.

    Hence, with solemn and conflicted faces, everyone started to pick out the herbs they would need from the pile of various herbs beside them when the incense stick was lit.

    The process of identifying the necessary herbs also required skill as well.

    Because many of the herbs looked very much the same on the surface, the slightest bit of carelessness might have them mix up two different types of herbs.

    Just by searching for the right herb, even though it was almost going into the beginning of winter, some of the backs of the participants were soaked with sweat.

    Right from the beginning, Mu Lai’s actions were slow and leisurely. As a child who grew up in the Elixir Cultivators Family Clan, she was always fiddling around with herbs from a young age, immersed in the pothecary for days and nights on end without taking a single step outside.

    The daily task of children training to be Elixir Cultivators back then was to fully memorize the characteristics of two hundred types of herbs. Get a single one wrong and there would be no food for them that day.

    Hence under that kind of harsh and grinding training, most regular Elixir Cultivators would have no problem recognizing those two hundred types of herbs, and people from the Elixir Cultivators Clan were trained to recognize at least five hundred. For Mu Lai, as the most talented disciple of her generation in the Elixir Cultivators Clan, she was able to identify more than a thousand kinds of herbs.

    Not only was she familiar with how every single kind of herb looked, smelled, and its uses, she would be able to pick out a hundred different kind of herbs that looked the same on the outside within the time it takes to have a cup of tea.

    So picking out the right herbs could not be any easier for her.

    Compared to the others who picked out a dizzying number of different herbs, more than ten in kind, Mu Lai merely chose five types. They were Earth Core Grass, Dragon Beard Bloom, Devil Spirit Fruit, Hundred Eye Spider, and Mermaid’s Tears.

    After she advanced in level, this was the first time she was refining pills. The elixirs she was going to cultivate were called Seven Day Emotion Purge, where a person would fall into a state of suspended animation in seven days’ time, and when they come awake, they would have forgotten all their feelings of romance, to become incapable of love from then on.

    This was something she had coincidentally come across from medical texts but she had never cultivated it before, so she might as well try her hand at it here.

    The others have already begun to toss herbs into their cauldrons to remove impurities and to extract the essence, but Mu Lai was still patiently washing the herbs. A few types of the herbs were rather brittle and would easily be burnt into ashes under strong flames. So she used a slow fire to raise the temperature in the cauldron and slowly cultivated the herbs.