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Chapter 147.2 - A Dark Horse Emerges

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 147.2: A Dark Horse Emerges

    Time passed unconsciously by, and the incense stick in the censer had burned a third of its length off.

    Although the venue for the trial had been changed, the entire scene in the Elixir Cultivation Room could still be seen clearly by Elder Jin and the other invigilators.

    “How are they doing?” Su Li Mo knew nothing about elixir cultivation and he was naturally showing a lack of interest as he turned to ask Elder Jin beside him.

    Elder Jin had already set his heart on that mysterious white robed youth from before but watching this batch of participants undergoing the test, he still nodded his head as he said: “These young ones here aren’t too bad with their elixir cultivation skills but whether they will be able to succeed in forming up the elixirs is another thing altogether.”

    As the leader among the Three Great Sects, the Faint Mist Sect would naturally not be so hard pressed for money that they could not even afford new elixir cauldrons and stoves. It was intentionally made to be so in order to put the participants to the test. It must be known that sourcing for these old and battered elixir cauldrons had taken them quite a lot of effort!

    Su Li Mo curved up the ends of his lips and did not commit to any reply, merely thinking in his heart that the recruitment trials should finish in about another hour or so.

    He had heard that fella Lou Lan Zhi sending word telepathically that the Chief had come back. But as he had promised the Elders Council that he would preside over the recruitment trials and with two Elders watching just beside him here, he really could not find a reason for him to slip away, so he had no choice but to continue to wait.

    Half the incense had burnt out, and Mu Lai who was moving the slowest had begun to cultivate her elixir.


    As expected, the first elixir cauldron let out an explosive crack, splitting down right through the middle. Elixir fire flared out and the cauldron crackled and popped before it broke into countless pieces.

    It was a young lady about sixteen or seventeen years of age. When she saw that, she was stunned into a daze for a moment before she quickly reacted, trying to protect the dark green pills that had already taken shape inside, seeking to guide her elixir fire into another empty elixir cauldron beside her.

    But it was not known where she had made a mistake in the process of cultivating those elixirs. In the instant that the elixirs was exposed to the air, it immediately crumbled into fine dust and disappeared completely.

    The young lady froze in her spot and was unable to react for a very long while.

    Till one of the Faint Mist Sect’s disciples came over to say to her: “You’re eliminated.”

    The young lady then came back to her senses and tears fell pitter patter down her face, weeping softly as she followed the disciple to walk out of the place.

    Watching the scene, Elder Jin shook his head sympathetically. “The lass reacted quickly and has rather good potential. But she picked out a wrong herb which caused the elixir to deteriorate and ending up ruined. If she had not picked the wrong herb, she might still have a chance of salvaging that.”

    It must be known that her attempt to shift the elixir fire into another cauldron at the side was to be fully commended for, and it would have guaranteed that the elixirs would form within the stipulated time as well. What a great pity.

    The incense had only burnt out halfway and someone had already failed, eliminated from the trial. At the moment that the cauldron exploded, it had also come to affect two other people who were closest to it.