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Chapter 147.3 - A Dark Horse Emerges

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 147.3: A Dark Horse Emerges

    One was when his concentration was fully focused and the explosion threw his state of mind into chaos, causing his elixir fire to flare up intensely which burned the elixirs into crisp. For the other person, the shattered pieces of the broken cauldron cut his hand and a drop of his blood melded into his elixir, ruining the elixir completely.

    These two people had probably been taken out under the most unjustly among everyone.

    Hence it was with a most sympathetic expression that the Faint Mist Sect’s disciple came in to bring the two of them out.

    Mu Lai did not look like she had been affected in the slightest. Her elixirs were about to complete and there was about a third of the incense stick left that was used to mark time. But as the state of the cauldron was really very poor, Mu Lai did not manage to escape the fate of her cauldron exploding as well.

    With preceding examples as reference from those two people, the others were now well prepared against being affected by the exploding cauldrons of others.

    But what a pity, another unlucky fella’s cauldron exploded and it looked like another person would come to be eliminated.

    The Seven Day Emotion Purge elixir was a full snowy white, colourless and tasteless, very ordinary looking. But on the inside, it was red as blood, which stained the air around it a faint crimson. There was only just one last step left and the refinement would have succeeded.

    Mu Lai was of course not about to let her sweat and tears go down the drain. Her clear and penetrating eyes flashed with a fiery glint and she took over the control of the remaining blue ball of flames from inside the cauldron, and engulfed the entire elixir with a renewed steady fire, continuing to refine and cultivate.

    The other Elixir Cultivators around her who had silently lit a candle for her in their hearts stared with eyes that almost popped out of their heads, unable to believe what they were seeing.

    [That fella is able to to cultivate elixirs without the use of a cauldron but with just her hands? ?]

    From where has this maniac come out from? Such powers would be rare to see even among the disciples from the Elixir Cultivators Department in the Faint Mist Sect! And she is here taking part in the recruitment trials together with sheep like them. Isn’t that just pure and utter bullying? !]

    And with that hand shown by Mu Lai, it caused Elder Jin on the other side of the barrier to stare, unable to turn his eyes away. Always putting on a stern and imposing face, it could be said that he looked the most amiable today.

    An old man who was almost fifty smiling like a chrysanthemum in full bloom, his face overflowing with joy. “Heh heh, what a run of luck are we in here? To think that we would encounter two such gifted little fellas. I think the Elixir Cultivators Department is about to shine very bright.”

    The two young gifted little fellas he’s talking about, besides this young lady here who’s able to cultivate elixirs with her just her bare hands, the other one would naturally be that mysterious white clothed youth.

    When Elder Yan heard that, he just laughed and did not expose him. Without talking about this young lady with her prodigious gift for the moment, whether the other youth belongs to the Elixir Cultivators Department is still not yet decided!

    Mu Lai concentrated all her energy to complete the last step in the pill refinement. She picked up a box at the side and then put the elixir inside. Once inside the box, she saw the white lustrous surface of the elixir that was smooth as jade quiver slightly, before a fine crack lightly appeared, to form a fine silver pattern, that coated the elixir with a sacred glow.