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Chapter 147.4 - A Dark Horse Emerges

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 147.4: A Dark Horse Emerges

    At that moment, an incense stick’s time was already up and someone had come in to take the successfully cultivated elixirs away. The disciple was about to bring them to Elder Jin for them to be assessed when he saw the unique form of the elixir and was startled for a moment.

    The very next moment, a figure suddenly flew into the tiny elixir cultivation room in a fiery rush and snatched the elixir from the disciple’s hand, his eyes alight with fierce fervor. He sighed and then said repeating himself: “I did not expect….. I did not expect it to actually turn out to be a superior grade elixir! This silver pattern is a mark that only appears on superior grade elixirs!”

    Upon closer look, the disciple then thought. [Isn’t this Elder Jin who is one of the invigilators! ?]

    When Elder Jin saw the change coming over the elixir, he had not been able to remain in his seat at all. How could he have thought that a dark horse like this would appear among this year’s participants?

    [The young lady was actually able to cultivate a medium grade elixir into a superior grade elixir! Her gift is in no way inferior to the Elixir Cultivators Department’s top disciple and she seems like she has not even turned twenty yet!]

    “Lass, what is your elixir cultivation level?” Elder Jin asked, highly eager.

    Being stared at with such eyes, Mu Lai could not help but feel her goosebumps rise. But she still went on to answer truthfully: “Silver Grade, peak of level nine.”

    Elder Jin’s gaze grew even more fevered, like he was eyeing a juicy piece of meat. “Not bad, not bad, your future is bright. You are greatly gifted!”

    A twitch tugged at the corner of Mu Lai’s mouth. “I am from the Mu Family of the Elixir Cultivators Clan, so I am naturally well versed in elixir cultivation. It is nothing to be so surprised about…..”

    “Not arrogant nor temperamental, humble and polite. Very good. Everything that an Elixir Cultivator should be. You’ve passed, and you can just report to the Elixir Cultivators Department later. I will arrange for someone to settle you in.” Elder Jin said smilingly, and the disciple who was so used to seeing his forbidding face started to suspect whether he was hallucinating.

    As for the other young men and women who took the test, only two people managed to cultivate a seventh level medium grade elixir and the others were all eliminated.

    Having recruited such a skilled disciple this time, Elder Jin was naturally blooming with joy, and the smile did not leave his face for the next few days.

    The expression on Mu Lai’s face was highly helpless, thinking that this teacher was a little too east to satisfy. If he had seen the way Qing Yu cultivates elixirs, then he would not find what she had achieved here all that extraordinary.

    The peerless skill of cultivating elixirs with her bare hands was even taught to her by Qing Yu!

    With Elder Jin gone and leaving just the few of them there with nothing to do but to stare at each other, Su Li Mo quickly said that he would be right back and immediately went walking away in a hurry.