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Chapter 149.1 - By Hook Or By Crook

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 149.1: By Hook Or By Crook

    The vast hall turned deathly silent in that instant.

    Everyone saw the crystal ball flash with all manner of colours in a mesmerizing swirl before it crumbled into pieces.

    “Gulp.” Someone could not help but took a huge swallow of saliva.

    Even Elder Yan who always never revealed his emotions was showing a stunned look on his face for the first time, unable to recover from the shock for a good period.

    Until Su Li Mo who was by the door suddenly exclaimed with a roar: “Damn! An all element prodigy? !”

    That voice pulled the people whose souls had seemingly left their bodies back, and they all looked like they were staring at a ghost.

    This alluring and beautiful young lady who looks like a little demoness was really an all element prodigy? If this was made known to the world outside, everyone’s jaws would surely drop to the ground in shock!

    But having just witnessed with their own eyes that both the Gift Rock and the crystal ball had not been able to withstand the load and exploded, it made it impossible for them to not believe that as a fact.

    Feng Tian Hen’s eyes narrowed slightly. Although he was only able to see the young lady’s back, but he was able to recognize with just one glance that she was the same person he had seen at the mountain gates earlier.

    When that person had for some inexplicable reason drawn his consciousness towards her.

    That feeling was just too baffling and highly puzzling.

    For all the twenty over years that he’s lived, you can say that he had no desire nor want, but this had been the first time that he had felt such strong and intense feelings.

    It was as if there was something lacking in his body, and it had now been filled up fully

    And right at that moment, the vast hall was awash in a wave of dumbfounded awe.

    Elder Yan’s gaze was shining with a rare moment of fiery fervour. This was an all element prodigy. An existence a lot more rare than the light and darkness dual element wielder that might not be seen in a hundred years.

    Throughout the entire realm, you can count more on one hand than the number of all element prodigies that ever existed and an all element prodigy had actually appeared here in this year’s Faint Mist Sect recruitment trials! This was like getting hit by a single pie that fell out of the skies!

    The advantage an all element prodigy enjoys is that they will become the top dog in whatever profession they choose to cultivate in where a very rare few could ever hope to compare. So in that instant, Elder Yan was suddenly at a loss on what kind of arrangements they should make for this young lady with such Heaven defying talent.

    Elder Jin standing up above could no longer hold himself back. His eyes alight as he came walking over, he said: “How about you come join my Elixir Cultivators Department? This old man here will definitely teach you everything that I’ve learnt my whole life to you, to make you the most outstanding Elixir Cultivator in the Constellation Lands!”

    Elder Yan was rather displeased by that and he butted right in: “Haven’t you already recruited a highly gifted female disciple? Are you seeking to also gobble down this young lass here as well? Don’t you think you’re being a little too greedy! ?”

    Elder Jin’s face was indignant with rage. “How is that the same thing! ? We are talking about an all element prodigy here. If she were to possess unparalleled skills in elixir cultivation, her future will be limitless, where it would not matter even if she chooses to walk sideways throughout the entire lands! Who wouldn’t want to fight for such a rare prodigy! ?”