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Chapter 149.3 - By Hook Or By Crook

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 149.3: By Hook Or By Crook

    Nobody had thought that the always stern and stoic Elder Jin who was not prone to smiling would turn out to be such a shameless and treacherous old man deep inside his bones.

    The teacher from the Martial Arts Department was completely flabbergasted as he stared with his mouth agape, unable to believe what his own ears had just heard. He seemed to have been stunned into a daze by Elder Jin’s shameless ways and was not able to recover for a long while.

    [What did he mean by “do not push for intensive cultivation practice everyday”? Don’t just think that he doesn’t know how that old man is like when he’s strict. That old man makes his disciples toil through ten batches of elixirs in one day and those who do not complete the task will still have to face punishment.]

    [And that old man still has the cheek to put him down? What a despicable old man!]

    Everyone just stood there to stare speechlessly at the two lofty Elders who were usually so highly dignified squabbling without holding back in the slightest as they competed for a disciple, their faces all aghast.

    [For goodness sake….. There were so many of them there and the Elders really have to disregard them all so completely?]

    Even the mild tempered Elder Yan came to jump into the fray for the first time to fight for that disciple, but his methods was much more brilliant. With a highly amicable smile on his face, he then said: “Young lass, since you’re an all element prodigy, I would think that your cultivation level cannot be that low, so there is really no need for you to go waste your time in the Martial Arts Department at all.”

    Just that one single statement put out so lightly across had scrubbed the teacher from the Martial Arts Department out of the race. And before Elder Jin could laugh aloud gloatingly, Elder Yan continued to speak in the very next second.

    “Although it is said that the profession as an Elixir Cultivator saves people from death and heals the injured, highly praised by people, but it comes with a huge drawback. Because one has to always remain highly focused for long extended periods to cultivate elixirs, it takes a great toll on one’s body and mind. So if you come to our Soul Cultivators Department, not only will you be able to grow your mental cultivation to become much more powerful, if you so wish, you can very well just transfer to the Elixir Cultivators Department in future if you choose.”

    It must be said that Elder Yan’s words was rather stirring. Compared to Elder Jin and the other teacher who tried elevate themselves by putting the others down, Elder Yan listed out both the pros and cons, and appeared a lot more friendly and amiable.

    “She will not be going to the Soul Department.”

    Elder Yan who thought that victory was within his grasp was suddenly taken aback, before he turned towards the voice to see who had suddenly appeared to come spoil everything for him. But that one look then caused his eyes to widen in shock.

    There were two people standing at the doors leading into the hall, one in black and one in white, both highly striking figures.

    Since ancient times, black had always represented tyrannical dominance, lending a kind of flamboyance that people were unable to disregard, while white would seem to be more gentle and subdued, whose very brilliance would often be swallowed up and overshadowed by the thick enveloping inky black.