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Chapter 150.1 - Doesn’t Look Like A Good Person At All

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 150.1: Doesn’t Look Like A Good Person At All

    Qing Yu creased up her brows and then turned away from that gaze that was making her a little uncomfortable.

    And that man’s one single statement suddenly exploded in everyone’s hearts. Maximum level in soul power? What kind of a joke is that? !

    It must be known that even the most highly skilled teacher in the Soul Cultivators Department was only at the ninth level and there were a total of ten levels for soul power, and anyone who came to attain the seventh level would already be considered extremely gifted.

    But what had that man just said? The young lady’s soul power level had reached the maximum level! ?

    Elder Yan was a little doubtful but he still went ahead to look at the young lady to ask: “May I conduct an assessment of your powers?”

    Qing Yu paused for a moment before she nodded her head.

    Although she did not know what soul power levels really were in this world, but she guessed it should be something similar to one’s mental strength.

    Elixir cultivation always called for great mental fortitude to support the entire process and just as what Elder Yan said, mental drain on Elixir Cultivators was the most severe but she had never once experienced a state where she was fully mentally depleted.

    Having received her consent, the expression on Elder Yan’s face then grew grave before he took out something that resembled a lantern. He infused it with spirit power and a bead in the centre of the lantern suddenly lit up, emanating a golden beam which shone onto the young lady’s forehead just between her brows.

    The very next second, the beam of light quickly retracted back into the lantern to form up into a golden screen in mid air, displaying a few lines of words.

    Soul Power: Maximum Level.

    Martial Strength: Maximum Level.

    Main Profession Cultivated: Elixir Cultivator, level unknown – Indiscernible.

    The few lines of words quickly caused everyone’s jaw to drop in shock. The young lady is an Elixir Cultivator!

    An Elixir Cultivator with full levels in soul power and martial strength? !

    It must be known that though there were many Elixir Cultivators throughout the lands, but most of them were skilled in elixir cultivation techniques and not in other cultivation levels, where dual cultivators of martial arts and medicine were extremely rare, pitifully few in number.

    Who could possess such enviable gift like her that would only drive people to hatred and jealousy? That was an absolutely peerless prodigy who was able to wield all the elements and possess maximum levels both martial strength and soul power!

    “I must surely be dreaming…..” A youth who was there to take the test pinched his own arm viciously, the pain causing him to grit his teeth and his eyes to brim with tears. “Is this really happening? I am really here taking the test with such a godly participant for the recruitment trials. It all feels so unreal.”

    They were all just youths in their teens here, how could someone be so outstanding but he had to be so ordinary?

    “Lass, so you are an Elixir Cultivator!” Elder Jin who had been caught in a daze for so long suddenly regained his senses, unable to contain his delight as he said: “Then nobody needs to fight anymore. Didn’t you see that she is an Elixir Cultivator? There is no need for any of you to mess things up any further.”