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Chapter 150.3 - Doesn’t Look Like A Good Person At All

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 150.3: Doesn’t Look Like A Good Person At All

    Which almost caused everyone to vomit out blood.

    [That’s her response to this? Is there something wrong with that young lady! ?]

    [This is not the place to loosen one’s grip in order to reel in a catch! If this were to make Feng Tian Hen feel offended, he could very well retract his invitation immediately! Even if you are a prodigy, you’ve got to at least see who the other party is before you put in airs like that!]

    Feng Tian Hen did not take offence at her words but his smile just deepened slightly. “Of course you can. You can just try it out and stay there for a few days to familiarize yourself with the place before you decide. But if I may ask, why does it seem like….. you do not look very willing?”

    [Has he been away for too long and he does not understand a young lady’s mind now? Has he become detestable? He did not fail to notice the disdain in the young lady’s eyes, and he found that interesting to note.]

    Hearing that, Qing Yu creased up her brows again and then opened her mouth to speak: “From the way you look, you do not look like a good person at all.”

    Su Li Mo standing right behind almost could not hold back his laughter. But concerned for his Chief’s face, he struggled very hard to suppress it. That was probably the funniest thing he heard that entire year.

    [The Chief does not look like a good person….. He can only say that young lady is really sharp!]

    [His Chief was absolutely the very epitome of a smiling tiger you know?]

    [He would never show his anger. When he gets angry, he will still smile at you as gently as he always does, and you can never know whether he is in a good or bad mood. Heavens! There is nothing more terrifying than when that man is looking at you with a faint gentle smile on his face!]

    [But having the young lady say that to him directly….. Would the Chief just silence that young lady in rage from being humiliated like that…..]

    But amazingly, Feng Tian Hen’s face merely flashed with a look of helplessness and did not say anything more.

    Elder Jin and the others could do nothing but watch in infuriation as Feng Tian Hen pulled the rug out from under their feet, snatching the rare prodigy who had appeared after such a long time away from their grasp.

    But what could they do? Even the Sect Leader had to give in to this man, so what other choice did they have?

    Watching the scene over on Qing Yu side intently, Ming Yi Yi suddenly felt someone give her a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and was immediately met with a cool and handsome face before her eyes. Her lips then turned up in joy as she called out: “Big Brother.”

    “Yi Yi, you know that young lady?” Ming Jing had been watching her actions and would naturally know that Yi Yi never paid much attention to other people. Her actions had inadvertently told him that she knew the young lady.

    “Big Brother, she is a friend of mine.” Ming Yi Yi said with a happy smile. Her small hands then held his arm. “See, I do not feel cold anymore.”

    Her hands were warm to the touch.

    Ming Jing was taken aback and could not react for a moment. His eyes then widened and he asked: “Yi Yi, you’ve been cured?”

    “No.” Ming Yi Yi shook her head, and then turned to look towards the young lady. “She saved me back then. Otherwise, I fear I would not be able to see Big Brother anymore when my body suffered a relapse from the frost poison.”