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Chapter 151.1 - Doesn’t Look Like A Good Person At All

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 151.1: Doesn’t Look Like A Good Person At All

    The person on the opposite window turned out to be a stunned Yan Xi Wu.

    Another person then came walking over and upon seeing Yan Xi Wu standing there in a daze, she then followed Yan Xi Wu’s gaze and immediately broke into a smile. “Qing Yu, seems like we’ll be staying right across from you from now on.”

    “Lai Lai! What a coincidence!” Qing Yu said and then raised up an eyebrow thoughtfully. [Why have the three of them been allocated together in the same place? And was just staying right across from her.]

    Mu Lai on the other side then curled her lips up in a smile. “I was initially placed at another place. But I told the teacher that if they do not let me live close to you, I will then go join the Martial Arts Department and he immediately agreed to it.”

    Her teacher was Elder Jin and knowing that she was good friends with Qing Yu, together with the fact that he liked Mu Lai very much as she was an outstanding genius with surpassing skill in both martial arts and medicine, he was quite ready to be lenient and to indulge her.

    Just the thought that he would lose such a great talent for her to go join the Martial Arts Department and be under that damned old man he was at loggerheads with, how could Elder Jin possibly bear to see that? Hence he had immediately agreed to Mu Lai’s request.

    Hearing those words, Qing Yu could not help but laugh, and then blinked her eyes with a mischievous glint. “In future when we cannot sleep at night, you can just come over for a chat.”

    Mu Lai’s eyes brightened. “That’s a great idea.”

    The different departments in the Faint Mist Sect were separate and independent, with about ten meters’ distance between them.

    The Deviant Department has the least number of members and there were no teachers in this department. That was because the people in there were unique geniuses in their own right from different corners of the lands and due to the rarity and unique nature of their profession and skill, there wasn’t any teacher of a high enough level to coach them in their areas of expertise.

    Even if there was, he would not be able to rein in such an arrogant and unrestrainable bunch and they would only defer to Feng Tian Hen completely.

    It had been so many years since this motley bunch had joined the Deviant Department but the number of times they have seen Feng Tian Hen was less than what they could count on the fingers on their two hands. So the moment they heard that Feng Tian Hen had come back, every single one of them was greatly excited and they were all standing in anticipation as they craned their necks around to look, hoping to welcome their Chief back, but they did not see anyone even after waiting for a good part of the day.

    It was after a long while that they finally saw someone walking towards them from afar. Before they could get their hopes up, they all them lowered their heads mournfully, their faces staring in displeasure at the person approaching.

    The expression on Su Li Mo’s face was indignant. [Why is the whole lot of them looking at him like that?]

    But he still did not forget his purpose in coming here. He cleared his throat and then said: “You little brats, your Senior came here today to bring you good news.”

    The contempt in everyone’s eyes then grew stronger.

    [This fella has merely joined a few years before them and was only older than them by those few years. But he is always going around acting like he was their senior and did he just all them little brats?]

    [If it wasn’t for the fact that he was on rather good terms with the Chief, they would have given him a good thrashing already.]