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Chapter 151.2 - Doesn’t Look Like A Good Person At All

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 151.2: Doesn’t Look Like A Good Person At All

    Su Li Mo was needled by their gazes and he immediately became disgruntled. “If the lot of you continue to stare so rudely at me, then I will not tell you the good news I have brought!”

    “Isn’t it only that Chief has come back! ? Tsk, we already know that.” An adorable doll faced young girl with a rounded figure said with a pout, the expression on her face looking unimpressed as she spoke.

    “Heh, that’s not what I came here to tell you.” Su Li Mo raised an eyebrow. “All of you are probably unaware that a prodigious young lady showed up in this year’s recruitment trials?”

    “A prodigy? Which one of us here in the Deviant Department isn’t a prodigy? Senior, I think you’re getting old and that is why you are thinking that it is that incredible.” The person who said that was a handsome looking man who was extremely gentle and reserved, his long and slanted peach blossom like eyes highly enchanting, his looks more beautiful than a woman’s.

    Su Li Mo did not get angry but laughed and said: “Don’t come complain that Senior did not remind you. During today’s trials, this young lady had three different departments fighting for her but in the end, our Chief managed to recruit her into our Deviant Department. So from today onwards, all of you will have another pretty little junior, and the lot of you had better not bully her!”

    [He knew very well the kind of scoundrels this bunch were that was etched deep in their bones. When has any new recruit not been toyed half to death by this rowdy bunch?]

    “Did you say it was our Chief who personally recruited her?” The doll faced girl who spoke earlier asked, her eyes wide with disbelief.

    Not only her, but the others did not really believe it either. Because all of them had come here on their own and their Chief had never taken the initiative to recruit anyone himself. So their first reaction was to think that Su Li Mo had just been exaggerating.

    Su Li Mo looked at their pitiful faces looking so downcast and his heart filled up with pity. “That’s right, our Chief personally invited her and in order to show his sincerity, he even promised to teach her the puppetry technique. What I am trying to tell all of you here is that the young lady is not any ordinary prodigy, so you must probably fall out of favour soon.”

    That hit them like a bolt out of a clear sky!

    At that moment, their hearts felt as if they were surging with tumultuous roaring waves, so stunned that they were not able to regain their senses for a long while.

    And however intense the shock they were feeling then, or how hard they were finding it to accept that as the truth, an equal measure of enmity rose up within them towards the young lady they have not yet come to meet.

    After Su Li Mo finished what he came here to say, he then walked off, gloating in his heart. Heh, of course he would not tell them everything. He was just feeling bored and was looking for some fun. Really wonder if that pretty little lass would be able to withstand the torment under the hands of this bunch of miscreants.


    Just as Qing Yu had expected, Qing Bei succeeded in joining the Soul Cultivators Department. Of course Ming Yi Yi had helped by whispering good things into Ming Jing’s ears and together with the fact that Qing Bei truly possessed great powers, Ming Jing had naturally welcomed his joining.