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Chapter 151.3 - Doesn’t Look Like A Good Person At All

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 151.3: Doesn’t Look Like A Good Person At All

    In the place that he had been allocated with, Qing Yu only knew the youth who was with Ming Yi Yi, the one named Lan Yu and the other two were strangers. Ming Yi Yi had probably been afraid that he might not be able to get adjusted to the new environment and was considerate enough to have Lan Yu share the room with him, so they can at least look out for each other a little.

    After he was settled in, he immediately wanted to go look for Qing Yu, and to also see where she was staying.

    But he had just passed through a pavilion when a rather familiar figure came walking towards him from afar. Although Qing Bei had not seen clearly who that person was, but his heart subconsciously wanted to avoid that figure. The idea had just popped into his head when he was suddenly called to a halt.

    “Ay, that somebody there. Yes, you. Don’t go away.” Su Li Mo approached speedily, covering three steps’ distance with just two. He had not expected the person that he had just been thinking of in his mind would suddenly appear right before him. Truly a case of wearing out a pair of iron boots in search to no avail. [Translator Note: Chinese proverb 踏破铁鞋无觅处得来全不费工夫 (tà pò tiě xié wú mì chù dé lái quán bù fèi gōng fu). Usually means: to travel far and wide looking for sth, only to suddenly find it easily without effort.]

    A corner of Qing Bei’s temple twitched, really wanting to pretend that he had not heard the guy. But that fella was suddenly already right in front of him in a flash and was blocking his way.

    “I’ll say kid, have you forgotten me already just because we’ve not met each other for a month? What are running away for? I wouldn’t eat you up.” Su Li Mo said with a highly imperceptible smile.

    Qing Bei’s good looking face grew grim. “What could Senior need from me?”

    Having joined the Faint Mist Sect, no matter how unwilling, he still had to address him as Senior at least.

    “Its nothing. Just saw a familiar face and thought to come say hi.” Su Li Mo said pretentiously, and then acted indifferent as he continued to ask “Where is that kid that was with you the other time? Don’t tell me he did not come!”

    Qing Bei immediately felt his scalp crawl with an itch. He just knew that the fella had come to ask about Qing Yu’s whereabouts. Afterall, back when they were at the Mystifying Bogs, he had hounded Qing Yu so hard, trying to make friends with her.

    Although he was a little panicked in his heart, his face was a mask of calm as he asked the guy instead. “Why should he come?”

    Su Li Mo was taken aback a moment by the question and then said scoffingly: “He really did not come? I don’t believe you. You must be bluffing here. I could see that you were very close to that kid like the two of you are seldom seen apart. Since you are here in the Faint Mist Sect, he must definitely be here as well. Hurry up and tell me which department he is at so that I can also look out for him a little. We are afterall such old friends already.”

    The corner of Qing Bei’s mouth tugged with a twitch. [This guy is claiming to be familiar with them one sidedly all on his own. Who is his old friend here?]

    “He really did not come. Why would I lie to you for?”

    Su Li Mo saw that he wasn’t going to talk and his brows had just creased up and he was going to blow his top when the soft and gentle voice of a young lady sounded enchantingly behind him. “Little Bei, are you looking for me?”

    Upon hearing that voice, Qing Bei’s mind almost exploded on the spot. [This guy here is looking all around for her and she has suddenly turned up right before him?]