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Chapter 151.4 - Doesn’t Look Like A Good Person At All

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 151.4: Doesn’t Look Like A Good Person At All

    Su Li Mo did not recognize Qing Yu dressed in women’s clothes and he greeted her smilingly. “Little young lady, the two of you know each other?”

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and went on to disregard Su Li Mo as she looked at the youth behind the guy who was signalling to her with his eyes. She immediately caught on but she did not intend to hide it from him. Her cherry lips curved up into an indiscernible smile as she then said in a displeased tone.

    “It seems this young master here not only likes to eavesdrop on other people’s conversation but also likes to pick on junior disciples who have just joined the sect?”

    That highly familiar tone and manner of speech with that languid and unruly smile, together with those devilishly alluring upslanted phoenix like eyes, so beautiful with a face like a little seductive demoness.

    Su Li Mo’s mind blanked out for a good while before his pair of obsidian black eyes widened like he had just seen a ghost, and he said stuttering: “You….. You are….. You are that little brat? !”

    [What kind of a manipulation was going on here?]

    [This fella here is also a master of disguise? As a male, devilish and sinister, and as a female, alluringly beautiful, and nothing felt out of place at all!]

    But it was soon clear to see that Qing Yu had overestimated the guy’s intelligence. She had already expressed it so clearly but he was instead just standing there in a dumbfounded daze, the expression on his face changing endlessly before he stared at her with a highly conflicted gaze. “Who have you offended that made you not dare to meet people with your real face? Why have you dressed yourself up as a woman for….. It’s just so weird.”

    Qing Yu nearly died laughing, driven up the wall by how dense he was being. A chicken and a duck really just cannot communicate.

    If he doesn’t get it, she was not going to explain it any further. She turned her eyes towards Qing Bei and said: ‘Let us leave this place together.” And she turned to walk away.

    Qing Bei nodded and then quickly caught up, finally rid of that pesky guy.

    Leaving Su Li Mo confused on his own, his mind in a whirl. [Did he say something wrong?]

    After the pavilion became quiet, a white clothed figure then came walking slowly over, and it was the figure of Feng Tian Hen.

    His pair of eyes gazed gently in the direction that the young lady had just departed into, not moving for a long time. It was not known how long had passed before he sighed softly. [Why did he want her so badly….. The urge was so strong that it was impossible to ignore.]

    A voice suddenly rang out in his head. “She has always belonged to you.”

    Feng Tian Hen’s body stiffened, and the bewildered look on his face turned clear.


    The Gathered Cloud Loft’s new premises was located on the peak directly opposite the Faint Mist Sect. It wasn’t really that far away but neither could it be said to be close, requiring almost an hour’s walk to reach there.

    There was originally not that much people in these wild mountainous territories but it was not known who had leaked out the news of their new location as Qing Yu and Qing Bei discovered that the Gathered Cloud Loft’s business was better than before when it had been in the capital city when they stepped into the place.

    Qing Yu casually glanced around and unintentionally noticed several dark green clothed figures in a corner, their faces covered by masks of demonic monsters, a bunch of sinister and eerie looking men.