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Chapter 152.1 - Be Good. *Pat Head

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 152.1: Be Good. *Pat Head

    Although they were seated in an inconspicuous corner, their strange dress still drew quite a number of curious gazes their way.

    Qing Yu had similarly given them a couple of glances as well.

    “Those are the Carefree Valley’s Mystic grade assassins. You had better not keep staring at them so obviously.” A slovenly lazy sounding voice sounded from behind, that was accompanied by a highly sleepy yawn.

    Qing Yu turned around to look, and saw the grey robed man, Ling Shu that she had not seen for quite a long time. He was holding a pot of hot tea in one hand and a dish of delicately made snacks in the other as he came shuffling slowly over.

    Qing Yu’s eyes blinked in amazement. “You are actually awake and not snoring away?”

    Since the day she knew this man, he was always sleeping at every moment. You can never hope to see him awake in the day but he stirs awake lively as a dragon once night falls, a night owl through and through.

    Ling Shu gave another big long yawn and he very nearly dropped the snacks in his hand in a moment of distraction. He caught himself and steadied his hand nimbly, hurrying to quickly send the things he held to a table before giving a relieved sigh.

    “I wouldn’t do this if given a choice. Who asked my Lord to suddenly have this idea of wanting to move all of us here into this place. The other guys can’t move so fast and have not reached yet, so I have to be replacement labour.”

    Ling Shu grumbled mournfully, and then narrowed his eyes conspiratorially. “I heard that you went to participate in the Faint Mist Sect’s recruitment trials. You can secretly tell me here. Are you and the Lord of our house…..”

    His voice suddenly stopped, his face smiling slyly.

    Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow quizzically. “Are we what?”

    Ling Shu then smiled even more delightedly, as he looked at Qing Yu with eyes that Qing Yu found detestable looking. “You are one lass that really isn’t too adorable are you? Do I really have to spell it out that clearly……”

    He even went on to nudge her with his arm as if they were very close. “These things are very common and completely normal. I understand that and you do not have to feel embarrassed.”

    A corner of Qing Yu’s mouth twitched, feeling uncomfortable all over being bumped by that guy. Moreover, she doesn’t know the point that fella was trying to make with his self absorbed mutterings.

    She was still suspecting whether her brain was too slow to understand it when she saw her younger brother looking at the guy like he was a lunatic. “What in the world is that guy talking about?”

    So she wasn’t the only one who doesn’t understand.

    “Ling Shu, have you lost your mind? Why are you smiling like an idiot! ?” Having just come out from behind, Bai Zhi Yan ran right smack into that scene the moment he lifted his head and just could not help but say.

    The man was not angered by Bai Zhi Yan’s words that were intentionally insulting but just gave Bai Zhi Yan a mystifying glance before he threw out words that confounded everyone. “It’s good enough that I alone know about these things. You can forget about trying to trick me into telling you anything.”

    And he immediately straightened up his back as he strutted proudly away.