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Chapter 152.3 - Be Good. *Pat Head

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 152.3: Be Good. *Pat Head

    “I am not going to sneak my way in but will openly walk into the place.” Lou Jun Yao said with a meaningful smile.

    Towards the young lady’s look of incomprehension, he stretched his palm out and a fiery red round token badge appeared, inscribed with the words Deviant Department Teacher, and a circle made up of seven shiny gold stars at the bottom.

    Teachers were given different grades as well, and the highest grade there was was seven stars.

    The Deviant Department had never had a teacher since its founding, so when Lou Jun Yao took that token badge out, Qing Yu was stunned for a few seconds. “This is a very good imitation! It looks really authentic!”

    Lou Jun Yao smiled. “That is not a replica, but a seven star Teacher token badge that has been authenticated to be as real as it can ever get.”

    Qing Yu still looked as if she did not believe it as she glanced at him before taking the token from his hand to carefully inspect it, and to finally see three characters on the back of the token that read, Lou Bai Qian. (Translator Note: Bai Qian 百千, literal translation is Hundred, Thousand.)

    “Who is Lou Bai Qian?”

    “It’s a fake name that I used in these low level lands in the past” The man said indifferently.

    Qing Yu still did not look like she believed him completely. “Isn’t the name you gave yourself….. a little too haphazard? Why not Qian Wan then?” (Translator Note: Qian Wan 千万, literal translation is Thousand, Ten Thousand.)

    “Qian Wan will sound too tacky. The sound of that will hint too strongly of the stench of money wouldn’t it?” Lou Jun Yao said with disdain.

    Qing Yu was greatly amused by his reply. [So Bai Qian does not stink with the stench of money then?]

    Qing Bei’s eyes then turned away from that man and he thought to himself in his heart. [Except for the first time that he saw this man where he found him frightening, he seems to be quite an amiable fella in private.]

    After hearing that the man was a long lost friend of his mother’s and that they were on very good terms, together with the fact that he was conscientiously helping to find his mother’s scattered soul fragments, he no longer felt any enmity towards the man in such a situation.

    It seemed to him that they still had more things to talk about and Qing Bei stood up to say: “I would like to go walkabout downstairs.”

    Qing Yu raised her eyes to look at him. “Mm. Then you wait for me downstairs and do not stray too far off.”

    Qing Bei agreed and then went walking out.

    Lou Jun Yao found that scene a little amusing. “Aren’t the two of you twins? You are both the same age but why are you always acting so old and matured but he is acting like a kid in front of you?”

    “How are we the same at all? I am someone who has lived two lifetimes and would naturally be more matured.” Qing Yu reasoned.

    She had already told Lou Jun Yao that she had come over from another world before and when he heard that, Lou Jun Yao had been highly curious. “A lass as intelligent and powerful as you, what could have possibly caused your downfall?”

    The smile at the corners of Qing Yu’s lips suddenly stiffened, the expression on her face seemingly showing a brief moment of pain before her lips curled up, mocking herself as she said in acceptance : “Because of a yearning for feelings that should not be.”

    Lou Jun Yao paused and it was a long while before he asked softly: “Was it someone you like?”