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Chapter 152.4 - Be Good. *Pat Head

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 152.4: Be Good. *Pat Head

    [Someone I liked?]

    Qing Yu shook her head and laughed. “Maybe, but let’s not talk about that.”

    But her non committal reply made Lou Jun Yao certain that she was hurt by love and he could not help but feel a little strongly about it.

    Aunt Lan had ended up with her soul scattered all over the place and it was not known whether she was dead or alive all because of a man. It seemed like it was the same for her daughter, who died once because of a man.

    The word love, really torments people.

    Unknowingly, the sun was already dipping over the horizon and dusk fell. Just before she left, Qing Yu then remembered to ask something and she turned herself around to look at the man behind. “Do you know Feng Tian Hen?”

    Lou Jun Yao raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

    “That man gives me a very strange feeling…..” Qing Yu furrowed up her brows. Gathering up her thoughts, she then continued: “I cannot seem to read him, and he just feels very unreal, like….. he is not a complete person.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s face did not seem very surprised but merely replied: “Why have you come to notice this person?”

    With that question, Qing Yu’s brows knitted up tighter. “Because he was the one who invited me to join the Deviant Department personally and his gaze makes me very uncomfortable, like something evil has their eyes fixed on me. I am certain that I do not know him and it is even more impossible that he could possibly have known me, so I feel that this person very frightening.”

    Lou Jun Yao folded his arms and looked at Qing Yu calmly, a teasing glint in his eye as he said: “That doesn’t sound like you at all. If you do not like the way he looks at you, then just dig his eyes out.”

    Qing Yu glared at him, feeling a little miffed. “I am now a disciple of the Faint Mist Sect. If I act too arrogant and draw too much attention to myself, how am I going to be able to investigate the traces of my mother? Don’t you know the saying want of forbearance might bungle grand plans! ?”

    [She shouldn’t have vented out her concerns with this guy!]

    The smile on Lou Jun Yao’s face intensified as he watched the girl bristling in anger and came to find it rather amusing.

    He subconsciously stretched his hand out to pat the soft hair, trying hard to contain his laughter. “So you’ve turned to become such a good girl now? That’s just great. Afterall, I will be your teacher in the days ahead. It’s fine in private, but you cannot be unruly when we’re in front of others.”

    Qing Yu was stunned, her eyes widened with incredulity as she stared at him. [Has this fella’s self assumed sense of familiarity between them have advanced to a level that he starts patting her head?”

    In the end before she could even show her rage, she saw than man’s devilishly handsome face lean in close, the eyes seeming like violet precious stones filled with teasing mirth and his thin lips parted slightly at her ear: “When you said that you hated the way that man looked at you, you looked just like a kid who had been bullied outside and came running back to complain to your lord.”

    Qing Yu exploded with rage. [She had just been taken advantage of didn’t she! ?]