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Chapter 153.1 - Baddie! Pay Me Back For My Hand! Pay Me!

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 153.1: Baddie! Pay Me Back For My Hand! Pay Me!

    After the recruitment trials, there was a welcome meet held for the batch of new disciples and there was basically nothing much more happening till the end of the year.

    The biggest gain of the Faint Mist Sect this entire year was that they managed to recruit an all element prodigy that was very rarely seen across the entire lands throughout history.

    It was heard that one so favoured by the Heavens to be uniquely gifted with maximum levels in both soul power and martial strength would definitely become a leading figure in whatever profession one chose, and he could also choose to cultivate several different professions at the same time.

    But this prodigy had kept an extremely low profile since being accepted into the Faint Mist Sect and except for the people who were present in the great hall back on the day of the trials, few others knew her. Besides knowing that she was a very young lady, nothing else was known about her.

    If it was any other person who possessed such gifted talents, they would have gladly publicly blown their own trumpets, afraid that the whole world would not know it, but this young lady was really one of a kind.

    Today was the day that the new disciples would report to the various departments they have been assigned to and all of them had senior disciples to come lead them there.

    Ming Yi Yi was naturally going to the Soul Cultivators Department her elder brother was in and just before she left, she looked at Qing Yu a little worriedly and said. “You have to be careful. I heard from my Big Brother that the bunch of people on the Deviant Department are especially hard to deal with, and that they….. like to bully new recruits.”

    Qing Yu lifted up an eyebrow and asked: “Do you think that I will be so easily bullied?”

    Ming Yi Yi creased up her brows as she looked at the young lady’s thin and slender body with a measuring gaze, which seemed to look so frail, and she could not help but worry a little.

    “Those guys at the Deviant Department will not even give any thought to cherish such beauty and to be gentle with delicate women, and the girls in there are even more atrocious than the guys. So do not clash with them head on and if….. if you really get bullied…..”

    “Yi Yi, you’re thinking too much into it.” Qing Yu could not help but interrupt the girl. “You forget that I am a prodigy whose martial strength is at the maximum level.”

    “But they are many in numbers and you are all alone!” Ming Yi Yi continued to say in worry. “Or maybe I should get my Big Brother to go with you. At the very least, he commands a certain status here in the Faint Mist Sect and they would surely give Big Brother some face.”

    Qing Yu really did not know what to say to the girl and could only lower her head to laugh.

    [This little girl is really something. She was so cold and haughty when they first met, her nose held so high up in the air, and that frail little body of hers was hiding such strong soul powers that it made people not dare cross her.]

    [Now that they are on familiar terms, she is suddenly so highly considerate of her well being. Although she might be rather naggy, but there was no way anyone would dislike her for being so concerned about them.]

    Qing Yu curved up her lips and revealed a bright and radiant smile. “Why not we have a bet?”

    “A bet?” Ming Yi Yi blinked her eyes in confusion.

    “If I get bullied, then it means I lose, and I will have to cure you of your condition within three months without taking a single cent. But if I am not bullied and you lose the bet, then you just have to do one thing.” Qing Yu said with an incredibly crafty smile, and if you looked closely, one would even feel like there was a hint of her hatching up a sly scheme.