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Chapter 153.2 - Baddie! Pay Me Back For My Hand! Pay Me!

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 153.2: Baddie! Pay Me Back For My Hand! Pay Me!

    Ming Yi Yi became curious and she asked: “What do you want me to do? It must be within the boundaries of my power. I will not agree to it if it’s too difficult.”

    Qing Yu did not keep her in suspense but just told her directly. “If you lose, you will have to go look for your brother and make your feelings clear to him. How’s that?”

    Ming Yi Yi’s tiny face turned pale. “Wha….. What are you saying?”

    “Haven’t you always liked Ming Jing all this time? You were willing to give your most precious heart’s blood to him to let him live that caused your body to decline and fall into such a wrecked state. Are you going to let him be ignorant of that fact his entire life? That a person is willing to sacrifice so much for his sake? Since that is the case, just tell him your true feelings as the two of you are not related by blood anyway.” Qing Yu said as she rubbed her chin, looking like a big bad wolf who was trying to entice a little bunny.

    Ming Yi Yi’s face turned an uglier shade. “How do you know all these?”

    She was so certain she was willing to guarantee that besides herself, no other person in the entire world knew about the matter. But how did Qing Yu come to know the entire matter so clearly?”

    Seeing a wary and guarded look coming into the young girl’s eyes, Qing Yu placed her palm over her face and said with a sigh: “Have you forgotten that a Soul Cultivator is able to probe into a person’s memories through their dreams? When I was checking your body for your condition, I happened to see it because your heart was too highly fixated on this matter, and was unable to let go of this memory.

    Ming Yi Yi was first startled, and then her eyes grew conflicted. “You can really drive people insanely jealous. You are clearly an Elixir Cultivator but you also possess the abilities of a Soul Cultivator as well.”

    “That is not the most important thing now.” Qing Yu said dismissively. “Because when I was returning back here from outside, I saw Ming Jing together with a very beautiful girl, and there was also a smile on his face.”

    It was widely known that Ming Jing was a cold and aloof person whose face was incapable of showing any expression. To think that he would come to be so friendly and smiley with a girl, that just meant that the girl held an exceptional place in his heart.

    Hearing that, Ming Yi Yi subconsciously bit down on her lip, her thin fingers clenched up tightly without saying a word.

    “I just felt that it must have been very painful for you when I saw that part of your memory. But I will of course not want to be a busybody and whether you will do it is still all up to you.”

    Ming Yi Yi’s eyes grew red rimmed and her body trembled slightly. She had already left the Soul Cultivators Tribe and she had nothing left in the world, but just her elder brother.

    [If Big Brother were to also leave her…..]

    The young girl’s eyes suddenly steeled with determination. “Regardless whether you win or lose, I will still let my Big Brother know that I like him!”

    Qing Yu smiled and patted her on the shoulder before turning away to walk out from there. [Had she done a good deed here?]

    Due to the uniqueness and the danger of the Deviant Department, it was situated a little further away than the other departments. Qing Yu roughly estimated in her heart that it had taken her about a quarter of an hour to walk there from the place she was staying in.