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Chapter 153.3 - Baddie! Pay Me Back For My Hand! Pay Me!

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 153.3: Baddie! Pay Me Back For My Hand! Pay Me!

    Because she was not really all too familiar with her way around, she had asked for directions along the way. When they saw that it was such a beautiful young lady, they all quickly blushed a little before they came to realize that she was asking for directions to the Deviant Department. They were stunned for a moment before their eyes would then look at her like they were staring at a monster right before them for a moment.

    After ascertaining that she was really asking for directions to the Deviant Department, their faces became highly sympathetic. They looked like they wanted to say something but held their tongues, quickly giving her the directions before quickly scuttling away with big steps.

    Qing Yu could not help but found it rather amusing. [Could that place be filled with wild and malevolent beasts? Do they have to exaggerate it so much?]

    — Deviant Department —

    The disciples’ morning lessons usually start at a quarter past the Mao Hour after dawn as no matter which profession they were in, even the most frail bodied Elixir Cultivators would need a strong and healthy body, so being an early riser was a lesson all of them had to practice.

    Since the Deviant Department was established, it had already been seven to eight years already, but the place only had a pitiful eleven members.

    They originally had the chance to grow and become much stronger. But as their members were each stranger and more eccentric than the next, rumours about the place grew more and more terrifying as time went by, so even if anyone had wanted to join, no one dared to come to this place.

    The weather had becomes colder and the sun was coming up later. It was already three quarters past the Mao Hour that the sky then starting to show a sliver of light.

    The buildings at the Deviant Department was very different and gazing at it from afar, it looked like a palace that had laid dormant for a very long time, sitting over a vast area. Big and tall trees that blocked out the sun were planted around the place, evergreens that stood lush throughout the seasons, unafraid of the chilly temperature, their branches heavy with thick and dense canopies.

    Hence even when the sun was shining at its brightest in the middle of the day, much of it did not reach inside, making the place look rather gloomy and sinister.

    From the moment that Qing Yu stepped into the place, she had immediately felt the hair on the back of her neck stand.

    Not because she was afraid, but the Yin energy was too strong in here, so ominous it sent chills through a person, feeling as if there was a strange pair of eyes watching her.

    Just as she was surveying the surroundings warily, something suddenly tapped her lightly on the shoulder. Qing Yu instinctively grabbed at that thing and gave it a vicious twist.

    The crisp clear sound of a crack sounded, and a rather innocent sounding voice rang out from somewhere. “Its hand looks like it has been broken!”

    “Not just looks like, but it is really broken!” Another voice chimed in.

    “Poor thing. It took three months of hard cultivation to grow another hand and now it’s broken again.” A third voice then rang out mournfully.

    “Eh? Why did you say “again” ? ?” The innocent sounding voice asked curiously.

    “I saw it go touch a very feminine looking man’s chest the last time. It thought the person was a girl and wanted to take advantage, and the man snapped its hand right off.” The second voice replied.