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Chapter 153.4 - Baddie! Pay Me Back For My Hand! Pay Me!

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 153.4: Baddie! Pay Me Back For My Hand! Pay Me!

    “Oh. So because this young lady looks so very beautiful, it just could not resist?” The innocent sounding voice then concluded rather wisely.

    “So stupid. Doesn’t it know the more beautiful the woman, the more dangerous she is? Absolutely brainless.” The third voice then scoffed with haughty contempt.

    …… ……

    Qing Yu’s face was one of confusion as she stared to her right, to see three figures huddled together behind an enormous tree that almost blocked out the sky. They were all lying there in similar positions, thinking themselves well hidden as they conversed in voices that were not exactly soft.

    [What….. are those things?]

    Qing Yu blinked her eyes, and then turned turned her head back around stiffly like a machine, to look at the unidentifiable creature that had just assaulted her.

    And in her hand, she held a….. broken tree branch?

    Standing before her, was a youth who looked to be about fifteen or sixteen, and he looked….. Erm, it was hard to describe with words.

    He was staring in shock with widened eyes that were just two thin slits so narrow they could not be seen. Oh, so he had eyes.

    His left hand was fleshy and fat while his right hand….. had a portion broken off. Unable to maintain its form as a normal human limb, it had withered and turned to revert back to a tree’s form.

    Qing Yu lowered her head to look at the tree branch in her hand before lifting her eyes up to look with a conflicted gaze at the thin bodied youth, but who had a face so fat and pudgy like a ball that she could not find where his eyes and nose were, and she then said in a measured tone: “About that, I did not mean to do that. I thought you were going to attack me.”

    Who would have known that she had just opened her mouth when the youth immediately broke out into a loud wail with mucus running down his nose as he hugged his right hand and curled up into a ball like a porcupine, bawling so pitifully like his parents had just died. “Pay me back for my hand! You’ve got to pay! Boo hoo hoo…..”

    Qing Yu furrowed up her brows feeling a little helpless and she then stretched her hand out to hand him the tree branch. “Err, here.”

    The youth snatched it from her hand and then sobbed even more sorrowfully. “You are such a baddie!” He then ran away and there was no sign of him anymore.

    Qing Yu was still a little baffled. [Was that, a tree that gained consciousness from cultivation?]

    “It will not be able to come out for another few months.” The innocent sounding voice said with sympathetically.

    “Serves it right. Who asks it to always be so lecherous? A tree that likes to tease pretty girls. It deserves to lose its hand.” This was the voice that had sounded rather haughty.

    “Err, but we are trees too!” The innocent sounding voice said in reply.

    “Oh. That’s true. Come, let’s hurry up and leave. Don’t let that young lady discover us. She looks so fierce, and I do not want to look my hand.”

    Qing Yu was speechless. “…..” [She could hear them clearly.]