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Chapter 154.1 - The Highest Level of Swindling and Being Swindled

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 154.1: The Highest Level of Swindling and Being Swindled

    A corner of Qing Yu’s mouth twitched as she watched the figures behind the trees running away very quickly.

    Seeing that the figures were merely about half a grown man’s height, they looked very much to be young children.

    [The Deviant Department really has rather strange things inside.]

    She continued on her way forward, passing through the dark and ominous darkness before finally seeing a glimmer of light in front. She did not encounter any more strange creatures as she went straight towards the mysteriously coloured building and went inside.

    It was when she stepped inside that Qing Yu really saw just how enormous the place really was.

    She could hear her lights footsteps rippling out in reverberation, reaching to very far places, so empty it was unbelievable.

    With just such few people in the Deviant Department, but taking up a space that was so much bigger than all the other departments, wasn’t it a rather big waste?

    She was just thinking that when she suddenly heard the sound of a second set of footsteps coming from right behind her.

    Qing Yu turned herself around subconsciously and saw a sleepy eyed youth with a tall and thin figure approaching like he was sleepwalking. It was only until he sensed an unfamiliar presence that he suddenly opened his eyes wide, to stare at Qing Yu in bewilderment. “Who are you?”

    Qing Yu showed him a highly friendly smile. “Hello, I am the new disciple reporting in here today. My name is Qing Yu.”

    The expression on the youth’s face changed. “You are the newcomer?”

    “I am.” Qing Yu nodded and replied.

    The youth immediately reacted like a startled cat and the expression on his face changed dramatically. His originally slow shuffling steps as he ambled his way in earlier suddenly broke into a mad dash like an arrow shot out from a bow into a particular direction, disappearing from sight in a blink.

    “…..” Qing Yu’s face was one of complete bafflement. [Is she that frightening? I don’t think so!]

    But having finally seen a human person, and judging from the direction he had dashed off into, Qing Yu could already ascertain where the Deviant Department’s classroom was. This was the first time that she could not find her way around as the place was really just too vast.

    She walked slowly further inside, finally coming to a stop before a door. It was quiet without a single sound inside, the door slightly ajar by about a palm’s width.

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and lifted her eyes to look up a moment before she stepped away without making any noise.

    “Lass, why don’t you just go inside when you’re already here?” She had just moved herself two steps away from the door when a gentle male voice reached her ears.

    The person was tall and slightly thin, his countenance good looking. Under his long narrow eyes, there was a red teardrop shaped mole, which lent an added sense of enchanting allure to the man, giving him an air of comfortable gentleness.

    Qing Yu remembered this person. It seemed like the expert who specialized in sound attacks that killed countless thousands of venomous snakes and bats back in the Lost Bogs was also from the Deviant Department.

    But this man seemed to be much more amiable and easy to get along with, his personality very gentle, unlike the smiling tiger that Feng Tian Hen was.