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Chapter 154.2 - The Highest Level of Swindling and Being Swindled

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 154.2: The Highest Level of Swindling and Being Swindled

    [Hmm, it looks like there are normal people in the Deviant Department.]

    Seeing the man look at her quizzically with a faint gentle smile, Qing Yu hesitated a moment before she completely went on to ignore the minute twinge of guilt that was so small it might very well not have existed in her heart, and started to babble on with a load of made up nonsense.

    “Well, I heard that the Seniors in the Deviant Department are a little xenophobic, so I thought it might be better if I stayed outside to wait in case I leave a bad first impression on them.”

    Luo Lan Zhi lifted up an eyebrow in surprise, and a look of helplessness flashed across that handsome face. “You are so lovably obedient, they will all surely like you.”

    [He had not thought that the prodigious young lady the Chief recruited would have such a gentle nature. To put it bluntly, it can be said that she makes an easy target for bullying. So if that bunch of rascals in there were to really pick on her, she might just end up enduring it in silence.]

    [How can this be allowed?]

    [A good number of people had not been able to endure their malicious antics and were driven away by this very bunch in the past, but this one here was someone that the Chief had personally said to take good and proper care of, so this young lady must not end up leaving due to the rascals’ tormenting ways.]

    With that thought in mind, Luo Lan Zhi was already going to push the door open, to go knock some good sense into the heads of that bunch of mischievous imps.

    With his mind preoccupied in thought, he had of course not noticed the slightly ajar door and the fact that the young lady had unnoticeably retreated herself way back.

    The door opened with a creak and before Luo Zhi Yan was able to utter a word, he immediately sensed a wave of danger lunging right straight upon him. His body instinctively reacted, immediately putting up his guard, thinking that someone was out to test him.

    In the end, what he did not expect was that the danger wasn’t from the front, but was actually coming from above his head.

    “Splash…..” The sound of something splashing down was suddenly heard.

    The eleven disciples of the Deviant Department were all fully present in the room and they had probably been overly confident, and hence did not even look to see who the person that was coming in really was. They just assumed that their prank had worked and they were all howling with gloating laughter.

    “Hahahahaha! She would definitely break down into tears from the shock!”

    “Although I do not think that we should be bullying people like this, but why am I finding it so hilarious here? Hahaha…..”

    “I don’t even dare to see what kind of a dismal and pathetic scene it must be.”

    “Wait….. Wait….. We seem to be….. in deep trouble.” A weak sounding voice suddenly said in fearful terror.

    “What trouble could we get into? What is there to fear…..” His voice abruptly stopped.

    In the next second, everyone’s faces took on looks of pure horror, looking like they had been forced to swallow ten catties of feathers but were unable to spit any of it out.

    [They’re all finished. They all could already see how they were going to die that very day. Answer: Self invited death.]

    Luo Lan Zhi’s reaction had really been very fast, but he had completely not expected that the wooden bucket that fell down from above him would contain not just water that had turned bitingly cold with the season, but there were also a countless number of disgusting grey Mucus Slugs in the water.