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Chapter 154.3 - The Highest Level of Swindling and Being Swindled

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 154.3: The Highest Level of Swindling and Being Swindled

    It was a type of slug that was hard to shake off once it latches onto you, an incredibly disgusting kind of creature.

    Luo Lan Zhi was an even tempered man, gentle like a gust of spring breeze, but that was before anyone even touches his most bottomline.

    And that bottomline would quickly be breached when one violates his extremely severe case of mysophobia. Even the slightest smudge of dust on him would make him feel uncomfortable all over, causing his temper to become highly irritable.

    And right before his eyes were not mere dust. They were the absolutely repulsive and revolting highly sticky Mucus Slugs! There wasn’t any creature that could be more disgusting than that.

    Luo Lan Zhi had actually dodged from a good half of their numbers by raising up an arm to block the wooden bucket, which caused it to veer away from its original direction, so there were just about four or five of them stuck on his sleeve. But even though that was the case, for this man who was so clean freak that it was almost an obsessive compulsive disorder, it was already something he absolutely could not endure.

    The long narrow eyes then darkened thunderously, devoid of any human emotion.

    Seeing the soft slush on his sleeve crawling towards his uncovered hand, leaving behind a disgustingly sticky translucent trail in their wake, the sleeve suddenly crumbled into ash together with the Mucus Slugs in a blink, without a single trace of them to be seen.

    Of course that was not all. Luo Lan Zhi slowly took off his outer robe and tossed it over the wiggling Mucus Slugs spilled across the floor. Lifting his eyes up to look at everyone before him, his lips parted slightly as he said, pausing in between each word: “Since the lot of you loves the Mucus Slug so much, then clean them all up now. Take note though, that none of your powers are to be used. I want them all picked up with your bare hands.”

    [What? !]

    That stunned them all like they were struck by a bolt out from a clear sky! !

    The adorable doll faced girl was thoughtful for a moment before she immediately broke into tears to beg pitifully: “Senior Luo, I have nothing to do with this at all. They were the ones who came up with this idea, and they were the ones who said they wanted to make fun of the new junior girl. Who would have known that after waiting so long for the new junior to appear, it turned out to be you who came in instead…..”

    The last of her words sunk, drowned under Luo Lan Zhi’s gaze that grew more and more terrifying.

    “Oh? Nothing to do with you?” Luo Lan Zhi suddenly laughed lightheartedly, as if he had changed back into his elegant and refined self.

    Just as the young girl thought that she had managed to escaped calamity, the man’s face suddenly darkened again and spoke in a harsh and severe tone: “You think I do not know that you are the one who likes to fool around with all these vermin and insects? Without your involvement, from where are they going to even find so many Mucus Slugs! ?”

    The doll faced little girl looked like she was the youngest among all of them there but she must not be underestimated. Not only her skill in concocting poisons was top notch throughout the lands, her martial skills was also the top few among that bunch of people. She was of course the one capable of coming up with the most tricks, and often prone to acting pitiful.

    Luo Lan Zhi was not about to be taken in by her act.

    The young girl was stunned by that sudden shout. She had never thought that the ever gentle Luo Lan Zhi who was like a kindly old man could show anger that did not lose out to the Chief at all when enraged.