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Chapter 154.4 - The Highest Level of Swindling and Being Swindled

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     He was usually rather silent and quiet, but when he erupts, the entire mountain shakes.

    More than ten of them stood there in jitters, not daring to make a sound. Besides the Chief, it was usually Luo Lan Zhi that was watching over them, being the only other person who was able to control them at all.

    When they thought how that young girl had so shamelessly dumped all responsibility right onto them without a care, everyone immediately harboured thoughts of strangling her to death right in that instant.

    Fortunately, Senior Luo was insightful enough to see through her tricks.

    But what puzzled everyone was, they had clearly seen their new junior fellow disciple making her way here, how did it turn out that Senior Luo was the one who pushed the door to come in instead?

    It made no sense! Was it already fated that she was to escape calamity this time?

    Qing Yu stood watching the entire charade unfold, and then suddenly a burst of laughter, seemingly gloating.

    She immediately drew everyone eyes to turn onto her.

    The delicate figure of a young lady stood behind Luo Lan Zhi, looking at them with an almost imperceptible smile on her face, that seemed to be saying something.

    That doll faced little girl suddenly widened her eyes and pointed a finger at her angrily. “Did you design this scheme to set us up?”

    Facing everyone’s angry gazes, Qing Yu laughed offhandedly and an eyebrow lifted up slightly. “And how have I set you all up?”

    “You were clearly already going to come in earlier! Why did you suddenly stop, and even lied to Senior Luo! ?” The young girl looked as if she had seen through everything, highly accusatory and aggressive.

    Qing Yu just simply replied with an indifferent “Oh”, and then turned to look at the calm and unruffled man beside her to say: “Senior Luo, as you can see, both my male and female seniors here have a very bad impression of me and that is why they placed a bucket of water over the door in this horribly freezing time of the year to make catch my death of a cold. They had even put those disgusting Mucus Slugs that girls are most terrified of to frighten me as well.”

    Luo Lan Zhi creased up his brows and said a little remorsefully: “Apologies. I have not been strict with them which gave them the audacity to commit such a vile deed. I will make sure they all suffer the kind of punishment they deserve.”

    Qing Yu shook her head, her face scrunched up like she was put in a very difficult position. “If Senior does that, they will only detest me even more.”

    Luo Lan Zhi snorted derisively and swept his eyes over the bunch of rascals. “They are merely suffering the consequences of their own actions. All the other departments are saying that the Deviant Department is filled with a whole bunch of arrogant and uncivilized scoundrels and seems like it is all true. From today onwards, I will make sure I properly correct the kind impression all of you will come to give people.”

    Someone had wanted to voice his protest and Luo Lan Zhi’s icy gaze immediately turned onto him. “Or would you prefer the Chief to personally deal with this matter himself?”

    Everyone immediately clamped up. [Heavens! If Chief comes to know about this, would they still be able to live?]