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Chapter 155.1 - It’s Alright To Be Young, You’ll Grow Up One Day

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 155.1: It’s Alright To Be Young, You’ll Grow Up One Day

    In the end, the bunch of them had no choice but to obediently endure that nauseatingly slippery touch of the sticky Mucus Slugs as they picked them all up one by one, to put them back into the wooden bucket.

    Qing Yu just stood there calm and unruffled as she stood leaning against the door, watching all of them suffer the fruit of their own nefarious scheme.

    The lousy trick this bunch of rascals had come up with was really just too lame and it was all pure childishness in her eyes. Did they really think she would fall for such a paltry trick? If she really wanted to vicious, they would all be howling in endless agony.

    When Luo Lan Zhi saw that they were cooperating obediently, the expression on his face then softened a little. He then turned to the young lady behind and said: “It’s embarrassing that you had to see this.”

    He could be forgiven for not having been aware of it before, but at that moment, how could he possibly not be able to see that the young lady was not as weak as she looked, not easily bullied. She was afterall such a rare prodigy, an all element wielder who caught the Chief’s eye. So how could she possibly be ordinary?

    She was just being generous and was going to hold it against them. If she really wanted to settle the score, the whole entire bunch of them would not be her match at all.

    Highly skilled at pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger.

    Hearing that, Qing Yu curled up her lips to smile sweetly and then said: “It’s alright. I do not hold grudges against little children as it is in their nature to be mischievous. I am not so domineering as to deprive them of their joy.”

    Luo Lan Zhi’s smile stiffened, and for an awkward moment, he did not know what to say in response.

    On the other hand, the ones fighting down the repulsion from picking up the Mucus Slugs almost vomited out blood in anger when they heard those words.

    [What the hell! ?]

    [Just which bastard was it who said that their new little junior was easy to pick on? Step forward so that they can strangle him to death!]

    [They had really stubbed their toe on a steel plate this time. Their little was such a sinisterly sly little devil, her belly filled with nothing nice! !]

    To have been so humiliated the first time they met, how were they going to get along in future? Really regret what they had done.

    Compared to the others who were starting to regret it a little, the young doll faced girl was feeling highly indignant, and went on to stare vehemently at Qing Yu.

    [She really thinks it’s so easy to be part of the Deviant Department? She’s just a little luckier to be able to wield all elements. What’s so special about her? Just a weak and feeble Elixir Cultivator, and she had probably managed to deceive everyone’s eyes for the title without possessing any real abilities.]

    [She will tear off her mask and expose this woman, so the Chief can see just how big a mistake he has made.]

    On the other side, Luo Lan Zhi was speaking to Qing Yu politely. “If there is anything you do not understand in future, you can come ask me, or you can also go straight to the Chief. As for these rascals, I think they will be a little more restrained with today’s lesson. And if anyone of them comes up with any more tricks, I think that you are capable of dealing with them on your own.”