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Chapter 155.2 - It’s Alright To Be Young, You’ll Grow Up One Day

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 155.2: It’s Alright To Be Young, You’ll Grow Up One Day

    He had not forgotten the fact that his clothes were in such a mess now was also due to her hidden maneuverings. To think that she was audacious and daring enough to trick even him, these bunch of young imps here would not be anything significant in her eyes at all.

    Qing Yu smiled highly disarmingly. “Thank you Senior for your concern. If they persist in being stubborn, I will surely help Senior teach them some manners. Kids are usually just acting up when they become disobedient, things will be fine once they are given a good beating.”

    Luo Lan Zhi was at a loss for words. “…..” [Looks like he really does not have to worry that the young lady will not be able to adapt to her new surroundings at all.]

    The rest of them were also speechless. “…..” [Oh gawd, why do I feel a chill running down my back? Why do I have such a bad feeling about this?]

    It was not known who told them this piece of information, that the young lady was not only an all element wielder, she was also a rare maniacal prodigy with max levels in soul power and martial strength, one among thousands.


    Everyone unconsciously gulped inwardly. Who would dare to go challenge her?

    After exchanging nervous glances among themselves, there was only one conclusion. No one dared.

    That’s right, all of them were really that wimpy.

    They just could not help feeling that their days ahead would not be that wonderful. Having been too used to bullying the weak but was now faced with one of such high skill in manipulation, they were all caught completely unprepared!

    Qing Yu had acclimatized herself to the place like fish to water, and the worries the others had for her was not seen to be uncalled for.

    Everything that happened here had also been made known to Lou Jun Yao as well.

    Before him, a tall and handsome looking man dressed in an ink shade robe was reporting the whole sequence of events to him at that moment.

    This man was highly familiar looking. If one took a closer look….. Isn’t he the human form assumed by the twelfth level Lightning Blaze Unicorn after transformation?

    It was said back on the day after he brought Qing Yu and her companions to the foot of the Faint Mist Sect Mountain, he had disappeared without a sign. He had actually blended himself among the crowd, and took part in the recruitment trials together with them.

    With his cultivation of a level twelfth spirit beast, no one would be his match here in these low level lands, and it was only natural that no one would be able to detect the extent of his real cultivation. He would just need to suppress his powers and no one would be able to find out, so he had pushed down his cultivation to be just slightly above average, and joined the Martial Department.

    He had received orders from Lou Jun Yao right from the start, that he was to protect her in secret, and prevent any accidents from happening.

    In fact, the Lightning Blaze Unicorn had not been entirely willing in the beginning, as he felt that asking such a high leveled spirit beast like him to go protect that weak little young lady was just a waste of his talents.

    But when Luo Jun Yao allowed him to transform back into human shape, he quickly agreed to it happily.

    Lou Jun Yao had even executed a killer move, saying that if he was able to make Qing Yu happy, in a moment of kindness she might very well suddenly decide to prepare a rabbit feast for him, prepared in all manner of ways: braised, steamed, deep fried, roasted….. Each and every kind.