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Chapter 155.3 - It’s Alright To Be Young, You’ll Grow Up One Day

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 155.3: It’s Alright To Be Young, You’ll Grow Up One Day

    The Lightning Blaze Unicorn’s eyes were shining bright with tiny stars upon hearing the words as he went on to nod his head in a hurry.

    Hence, it could said that even or a highly intelligent high leveled spirit beast who had gained his own consciousness, once his weakness was discovered, he could still be easily controlled.

    After the Lightning Blaze Unicorn finished talking about the incident, he suddenly raised up a doubt in his mind. “I feel that, there is something abnormal about that man called Feng Tian Hen.”

    [After Qing Yu, even a spirit beast had come to notice something strange about him. It looks like he would have to meet this man as well next time.]

    Lou Jun Yao raised up the ends of his lips. “Abnormal in what way?”

    [It would probably be no different from what the little fox has said that day.]

    Unexpectedly, the Lightning Blaze Unicorn creased up his brows and then started to mumble to himself, although his voice could not be considered to be soft. “I think….. that he might be a pervert!”

    Lou Jun Yao became amused. “Huh?”

    [How did this go from being abnormal, and then suddenly jumping straight up to being a pervert?]

    “That’s right, because I noticed a few times that the man was secretly watching the little missy while hidden in the darkness, and his gaze…..”

    The Lightning Blaze Unicorn rubbed his chin as he gave it some serious thought, before finally coming up with a great analogy. “It’s exactly like how the female beasts look at me among we spirit beasts.”

    Although that analogy used as a comparison wasn’t exactly that great, and that it contained elements of bragging that stoked the beast’s own ego, Lou Jun Yao was at least able to understand what he meant.

    The violet eyes surged mysteriously with a glint as he said slowly. “Are you saying that Feng Tian Hen harbours ill intentions towards the little fox?”

    “That’s right. Although the little missy possesses rather good cultivation, but compared to that man, she is still at a slight disadvantage. Moreover, he is intentionally hiding his presence, so she had not noticed that the man had been watching her at all, but I saw everything.”

    “Alright. I know about it now. I will not be around for the next few days as I have something to attend to and I will be going to the Faint Mist Sect as one of their teachers after that. You keep watch over the little fox in the meantime and do not let anything happen to her in there. Do not let strange and weird people get close to her as well.”

    Lou Jun Yao gave his orders in a deep low voice, and his gaze then turned to look at the spirit beast icily. “And when I come back, if she so much as lose a single hair, mind that you do not lose your skin.”

    The Lightning Blaze Unicorn felt a chill run down his spine and he immediately straightened his back in a stiff portrayal of loyalty. “My Lord can set his mind at ease. I guarantee that the young missy will be watched with utmost care.”

    In a blink of an eye, the welcome meet for the new disciples arrived.

    They would be given two sets of the Faint Mist Sect’s uniform and a token badge that was proof of their identity as disciples of the Faint Mist Sect.

    With that token badge, every action they took in every place they went would represent the Faint Mist Sect, and they were to mind what they did in every situation.

    Their names and the departments they were assigned to that was reflected on the badge tokens were carved in with spirit power and were intricately linked to the lives of each and every individual disciple, an unerasable existence. Unless their bodies were dead and their souls destroyed, those words would then disappear from the badges.