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Chapter 155.4 - It’s Alright To Be Young, You’ll Grow Up One Day

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 155.4: It’s Alright To Be Young, You’ll Grow Up One Day

    At a quarter past the Chen hour, all the disciples would be gathering in the main meeting hall and the Sect Leader himself who seldom showed his face would be here to lend his support to the welcome meet this time.

    Qing Yu looked at Ming Yi Yi who was a little distracted these few days and suddenly recalled the bet they had made before. She called out feeling rather amused to the young girl who was folding her blanket layer upon layer neatly. “Yi Yi, what are you thinking of?”

    It was a good while before Ming Yi Yi noticed that someone had called her and she raised her head up looking a little dazed. “Huh? I am merely folding my blanket.”

    Qing Yu glanced at the blanket with amusement. “You have been folding that blanket for a good quarter of an hour already and you’re still not done?”

    Ming Yi Yi then looked a little defeated and then stopped her actions in folding the blanket.

    “What? You told your brother and it shocked him so much that he gave you a fierce scolding?” Qing Yu asked with an eyebrow raised.

    Talking about that, Ming Yi Yi’s pretty and adorable little face could not help but show a sliver of frustration. “No, he did not scold me, and neither was he shocked.”

    Pausing a moment and her voice sounding so aggrieved that she was going to cry, she then said: “His reaction could not have been any more calm. He said I am still very young and it is completely normal for girls to be fond of those close to me who are of the opposite sex. He merely sees the whole thing just as a joke.”

    “Is that what happened?” Qing Yu nodded in understanding.

    Her gaze then swept over the young girl whose body was a little thin and slightly bony due to the long years she had been ill. Ming Yi Yi was the same age as her and though she was about five months older, her body was very petite and looked quite a lot younger than she was.

    At that age, the places a girl body’s were supposed to develop should have grown to a significant extent but she still looked like a little girl.

    Although Qing Yu’s body had frequently suffered from hunger and insufficient food seven years ago, she still looked a lot better than Ming Yi Yi.

    Hence, Qing Yu patted Ming Yi Yi comfortingly on the shoulder and said: “Don’t be sad. You will grow up one day. Maybe when you come to look more feminine, your brother will start to take notice of you.”

    Though what Qing Yu went through when she was younger in the past was from a completely different world.

    Mu Lai and the others from opposite had already come over to knock on their door and that topic ended at that moment. Qing Yu went over to open the door. “Are you all ready?”

    “It will take roughly about half an hour from here to the meeting hall, and it will be just right if we leave now.” Mu Lai answered.

    Many disciples in white robe uniforms could already be seen walking past outside. It was not known what material they used to make the uniforms as they all had the mystifying air of deities about them, changing one’s flair and demeanor once a person put it on.

    Yan Xi Wu said feeling a little touched: “I had never thought that the day would come that I can really become a member of this place!”

    Speaking about that, she suddenly looked at Yan Xi Rou a little smugly and said: “That woman Yan Ning Luo always thrown cold scorn and ridicules us everytime she comes back to the manor just because she was part of the Faint Mist Sect. And what did she say the last time? She said that we would just shame ourselves by being eliminated in the very first round. I would like to see what else she has to say when she sees us this time.”

    It seemed like she had really been badly bullied. Yan Xi Wu felt that she had found her voice this time and she would be able to retaliate good and proper this time so she was not bothered at all whether her words would be heard by others.