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Chapter 156.2 - Just How Terrifying a Woman’s Jealousy Can Be

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 156.2: Just How Terrifying a Woman’s Jealousy Can Be

    These words sounded so familiar. They were the words that Yan Ning Luo had said to them half a year ago, and Yan Xi Wu had now thrown it back onto Yan Ning Luo like a slap across the face.

    Yan Ning Luo’s face was unaffected but her eyes darkened.

    [Is this fool bragging in front of her now? Ha! What does she think getting into the Faint Mist Sect represents? She has merely gotten in through a miraculous stroke of luck.]

    [Does she think that just by being on Yan Qing Yu‘s side and she would have nothing to worry about anymore?]

    [But when did this fool start to be on such good terms with Yan Qing Yu?]

    “Eh, Ning Luo, this is your younger sister? Why haven’t I never heard that you have a younger sister! ?” Jiang Yi Han asked in surprise.

    Yan Ning Luo then replied: “She’s just a commoner born from a concubine. I only have one brother born from my mother.”

    “Oh, so I see.”

    In large prestigious families, great importance was placed on one’s common or noble birth lineage, determining their status and position, as those of common birth were usually not viewed with any importance.

    Yan Xi Wu was greatly nauseated by her cold demeanor, looking high and mighty.

    This woman was always like this, using her position as the eldest daughter to treat the common offsprings as lowly servants, never thinking anything of them.

    But if not for the fact that she had a mother of noble birth marrying in early, in what way was she better than all the others?

    With the undisguised look of disgust in Yan Xi Wu’s eyes, Yan Ning Luo had naturally noticed it, but she was not about to lower herself to be affected by it at all. What she was concerned about, was that seemingly weak and harmless looking young girl who always had a faint smile hanging from her lips.

    From the beginning till now, she had been that one that she was unable to fathom, and the existence that she was most wary of and hated the most.

    “I heard that you joined the Deviant Department. That place is a lot more demanding than the other departments and you must take the effort to carefully establish good relations with them. If you come to offend anyone in there, I might not be able to help you at all.” Yan Ning Luo cooed like a naggy elder sister giving advice to her younger sibling, her tone highly caring, seemingly concerned, and was showing sympathy and feeling sorrowful.

    Qing Yu smiled and did not rebutt her, but went on to say cordially: “Thank you for my elder sister’s advice. My fellow senior disciples in there are very nice people and I am not facing any problems in there.”

    “Is that so? That’s good.” Yan Ning Luo said with her lips stiffened.

    [She just doesn’t yet know just how hard a place like the Deviant Department is to be in. Just how many people have pulled themselves out from the Deviant Department on their own in the past years, with the one who remained in there the longest just over twenty days, unable to even make it till the one month probation trial. There will be much time for her to regret it when the time comes.]

    Till now, she was still unable to believe what she saw back at the main hall on the day of the recruitment trials.

    [An all element wielder, an unmatched prodigy with maximum levels in soul power and martial strength.]

    [Hmph, how can that be possible?]