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Chapter 156.3 - Just How Terrifying a Woman’s Jealousy Can Be

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 156.3: Just How Terrifying a Woman’s Jealousy Can Be

    [That Yan Qing Yu who was so weak and incompetent that she did not even dare to speak up, always hiding behind that crippled good for nothing Yan Qing Bei. How could she possibly have suddenly been enlightened out of nowhere? And met with such a miraculous encounter that could not possibly have happened to someone like her.]

    [Like she had become a completely different person.]

    [And at her side, people whom she could not possibly have met or had any dealings with before have appeared.]

    Recalling how Feng Tian Hen had acted back in the main hall during the recruitment trials, Yan Ning Luo was still thinking it all felt too surreal.

    From what she could remember, she had only seen that man two times herself.

    Once was after the internal turmoil within the Faint Mist Sect was quelled, when things were at its lowest point.

    The Sect Leader Wen Ren Qian had picked out ten people out from a batch of children with extraordinary gifts and brought them back to the Faint Mist Sect, and she had been one of them.

    Feng Tian Hen at that time was just an eighteen year old youth but he was already a person so deep and unfathomable that people were unable to read clearly at all. She had seen when Wen Ren Qian spoke to him, he was courteous and polite, completely unlike the demeanor he used towards most disciples, but more like he relied on the man instead.

    The other time was when she was promoted to become an inner circle disciple within the span of two short years, and Feng Tian Hen had said to her: “Not bad.”

    That man was really terrifying. He was clearly so gentle and good looking, his intoxicating gaze able to melt a person, but despite all that, he just causes fear to rise up in people’s hearts for no reason.

    But back on that day, his demeanor towards Qing Yu had been tolerant and indulgent like never before.

    If Qing Ye Li was said to be her dream from the time that she was a very young girl, then Feng Tian Hen would be the level of power she yearned to attain all this time.

    But, why have both these two people become linked to Qing Yu?

    In that intense clash of the goddesses, Qing Yu and her group had already said their greetings and went walking away, leaving Yan Ning Luo and her group there to stare at their departing backs going further and further away.

    Shen Jing smiled with amusement and said: “Ning Luo, that younger sister of yours is rather interesting.”

    Yan Ning Luo’s eyes surged up within and did not answer, walking towards the meeting hall without a word while the others behind her exchanged glances with each other.

    “What up with her?” Shen Jing said with a highly baffled face.

    Jiang Yi Han shook her head and replied: “Ning Luo has never liked people of lowly birth so I think now that her few sisters are here in the same sect as her, she isn’t feeling too happy about it.”

    Shen Jing raised an eyebrow but did not comment.

    The new disciples have basically all arrived in the meeting hall and only some of the more senior inner disciples of a higher status and a few teachers were not yet there.

    Roughly about half an hour later, several people were then seen walking out slowly from the back of the great hall, and the graceful and handsome man in a dark green robe in the lead gazed with a smile on his face upon the disciples who were gawking curiously at him.

    While the new recruits were still guessing at the identity of that man, before they could react, they saw the man taking a seat down upon the seat right in the middle, his poise elegant.