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Chapter 156.4 - Just How Terrifying a Woman’s Jealousy Can Be

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “Aren’t all of you going to greet the Sect Leader?” A white bearded elderly man beside him said in a deep holler as he stared at the disciples with a fierce gaze.

    That was when the disciples then came to realize that the young man who was only in his early thirties was actually the mysterious Sect Leader, Wen Ren Qian.

    In a moment, everyone quickly retracted their gazes and went on to greet in a fluster: “Respects to the Sect Leader!”

    Wen Ren Qian laughed softly, his voice gentle. “It’s alright Elder Mo, don’t be too strict now. All the little ones here have never seen me before and they would naturally not recognize me. Ignorance makes them innocent.”

    Elder Mo then relented, acknowledging with a muttered yes and a nod of his head.

    Wen Ren Qian then swept his eyes all around with a gauging gaze and when he did not find the person he wanted to see, he opened his mouth to ask quizzically: “Feng Tian Hen is not here yet?”

    “Chief suddenly recalled he forgot something and he went back to fetch it. He should be arriving in a while.” Luo Lan Zhi explained.

    “What is it that he could not get a disciple to go fetch it but has to personally make a trip himself?” Wen Ren Qian then asked.

    Luo Lan Zhi then smiled. “He said it is something important and he does not want it in another person’s hands.”

    Wen Ren Qian did not pursue it any further, looking like he suddenly remembered something. He looked at Luo Lan Zhi and said: “Where is that little prodigy your Deviant Department recruited? Let me have a look as I have yet to see her”

    Qing Yu had come here together with Ming Yi Yi and the others but upon reaching the meeting hall, the disciples were separated according to their departments, so Qing Yu was with the others in the Deviant Department at that moment.

    Suddenly having been singularly called out and the gazes of the other fellas around her turning to fix upon her, it made her feel rather uncomfortable and she moved a couple of steps to one side.

    It was silent in the hall at that moment and her movements had naturally attracted the attention of others. Upon seeing that she was standing on the Deviant Department’s side and that exceptionally beautiful face, everyone was naturally able to guess her identity.

    “That is the prodigious all element wielder? Why does she look so seductive and alluring as well?”

    Hearing those words, it could immediately be ascertained that it came from a woman who was highly jealous.

    “But I think she is very adorable instead!” Someone raised his voice in rebuttal.

    “She looks so very young and seems so frail that makes people want to protect her. Those few other girls in the Deviant Department are all vicious tigresses, hope that she would not be bullied by them.”

    “Hearing you say that just makes my heart ache. Why does such a good little fellow junior have to fall into the demonic claws of that bunch in there? My heart will not be able to take it!”

    Hearing the bunch of people bemoaning loudly like there was no one else around, the people from the Deviant Department almost exploded in rage.

    [What kind of a joke are they making?]

    [What do they mean by fall into their demonic claws! ?]

    [Don’t you think you’ve all gotten it backwards? ! That little lass is really very skilled in using her weak and frail outlook to deceive everyone!]

    [We just could not wait to hold her up in reverence you know? Much less even dare to bully her? ! What a big joke! !]