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Chapter 157.1 - Romanticism from the….. Ancients?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Wen Ren Qian looked at the young lady before him with interest. [Is this the lass that caught the eyes of that fella Feng Tian Hen? An all element wielder?]

    [Really rather different from what he had imagined.]

    “Lass, what’s your name?” Wen Ren Qian opened his mouth to ask with a smile.

    “Qing Yu.”

    Although she was a little flustered with so many people’s gazes fixed upon her, but since the question was directed at her, she went on to answer truthfully.

    When Wen Ren Qian heard the exceptionally two clear and simple words, he could not help but smile. [This lass is rather candid, and it would seem like she was not one to flatter and fawn upon others. Just what was Feng Tian Hen really thinking in his mind?]

    After having asked her for her name, Wen Ren Qian did not say anything more. Just at that moment, a tall and well built figure came walking slowly into the hall, clad in his usual suit of white.

    But this time, the clothes on his body seemed to be different in some way. Upon close inspection, it looked no different from the uniform worn by the Faint Mist Sect’s inner disciples, but just a minute difference in the finer details of his clothes.

    Compared to the cloud patterns embroidered into cuffs and hem of the inner disciples’ uniform, it was only when he walked closer that they saw soaring phoenixes embroidered into the front and back of the clothes on the man’s body, and that was a uniform that was one of a kind throughout the entire Faint Mist Sect.

    Some people were born suited to wear such a gentle and graceful white like this. Feng Tian Hen’s facial features were exceptionally handsome an elegant, his brows tinged with a faint gentleness, and the pure and pristine white of his clothes just emphasized the gentle demeanor his body exuded.

    It was a kind of attraction that shocked and overwhelmed the ladies, where they would surrender their hearts upon seeing him a second time.

    Even the people from the Deviant Department who had spent the longest period of time in Feng Tian Hen’s presence could not help but be mesmerized for a moment.

    Upon seeing him, Wen Ren Qian said in jest: “I heard that you went off to fetch something very important? I wonder what kind of treasure could be so precious that it needed you to protect it yourself?”

    Feng Tian Hen’s gaze did not waver as he passed through everyone’s stares to come walking up to the elevated platform at the head of the hall. He then sat himself down upon the chair to the left, just below Wen Ren Qian, his poise gracefully leisurely.

    It was only at that moment that everyone noticed there was a seat there and they immediately were in awe.

    The Sect Leader held the highest authourity in the Faint Mist Sect and in all important ceremonies, besides the Sect Leader himself, everyone else remained standing. But another seat had been specially placed there this time and none of them had noticed it earlier till now, that the seat had been set there just for Feng Tian Hen.

    Being number one in the inner circle of disciples really has its advantages!

    After Feng Tian Hen sat down, his eyes seemed to unconsciously drift towards a particular direction, and he then said with a soft laugh: “It is indeed something important, and it wouldn’t be wise to leave it in the hands of others.”

    She didn’t know whether she was mistaken, but she felt that the look that Feng Tian Hen gave was actually directed right at her.