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Chapter 157.2 - Romanticism from the….. Ancients?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Back on the day during the recruitment trials, teachers from three different departments had been determined to win the all element wielding prodigy prize, refusing to give way to each other.

    But what they had not expected was for Feng Tian Hen who appeared and stuck his foot in halfway through to poach the prodigy into joining the Deviant Department. Although they did not dare to say anything despite the rage they felt, they scolded him countless times silently in their hearts.

    Upon seeing Qing Yu again now, they were still highly amicable to her, finding her pleasing to their eyes, especially Elder Jin, whose face was already stern and fierce without being angry. He was highly smiley today, looking exceptionally weird.

    Jin Ze Hao standing close by saw his own father’s foolish looking face and felt goosebumps rise all over him, which made him suspect whether his father had taken a wrong dose of medicine today.

    Back to the topic at hand. Wen Ren Qian retracted the joking smile on his face and looked at the disciples in the great hall seriously. “From today onwards, you are a member of the Faint Mist Sect. I hope that all of you will be able to strictly comply to the sect rules, and note every action that you take. Work hard on your cultivation and contribute to the Faint Mist Sect, and progress together with the sect, striving towards the peak of power.”

    All the disciples then replied in unison. “We’ll remember the Sect Leader’s wise words.”

    After that, a senior disciple from the respective departments then distributed out the sect uniforms and identity badges to the disciples. When the disciples received their badges and uniforms, every one of them were as excited as when they had first advanced a level in their cultivation.

    Yan Ning Luo was the representative for the Martial Department and when the youths saw that they had such an extraordinary and ravishingly beautiful female senior fellow disciple in their department, they were immediately ecstatic, their faces flushed red with delight.

    When it was Yan Xi Wu and Yan Xi Rou’s turn, Yan Ning Luo merely paused and rested her gaze on them for a moment, before reverting her expression back to normal as she handed the items to them.

    The Elixir Cultivators Department had Elder Jin’s First Disciple Tan Lin Ruo as their representative. Having heard Elder Jin trumpeting how talented and good looking his First Disciple was, he was now still trying to entice Qing Yu over by using sex appeal.

    Hence, Mu Lai had specially paid attention to him, and found that though he was rather good looking as a person, a suave and handsome young man, but…..

    Mu Lai’s gaze glanced over to peek into the Deviant Department’s side. That Feng Tian Hen was a lot more outstanding than in looks than Tan Lin Ruo, and the flavour of maturity in the man pounded out from the passage of time, was one thing that an inexperienced youth like Tan Lin Ruo who had not yet seen enough of the world did not possess.

    Because Qing Yu was the one and only new recruit over at the Deviant Department, hence she stood right at the back of everyone else.

    Luo Lan Zhi personally handed out the sect uniform to her, and when he was about to give her the identity token, he discovered that the fifty badges that had been definitely made had now run out, with none to give to Qing Yu at her turn.