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Chapter 157.3 - Romanticism from the….. Ancients?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 157.3: Romanticism from the….. Ancients?

    Luo Lan Zhi knitted up his brows. “What happened?”

    His gaze then turned to gaze at the bunch of people from the Deviant Department, giving a silent warning. [Could this be the doing of that bunch of rascals again?]

    Right at that moment from the elevated pedestal, Feng Tian Hen suddenly stood up from his chair and came walking down slowly. His voice was gentle and pleasing to the ear as he said: “Her identity token is here.”

    Upon saying that, he then pulled out a silver white jade badge from his sleeves, before gently tying it to the young lady’s hip.

    Large characters could be clearly seen carved into the jade badge, Deviant Department: Qing Yu.

    It did not really look all that different from the identity badges of the other disciples, but people who knew stones would be able to see that the quality of the jade was special, and not any ordinary stone.

    It was made from priceless Heavenly Silkworm Jade that was extremely rare. It was a treasure that Feng Tian Hen happened to come across by chance, where he crafted an identity token badge for himself, and it had not been thought he would give the remaining amount of stone to this young lady.

    That was something nobody could have expected.

    Just what was it about this young lady that made Feng Tian Hen favour her so much that he made him not stinge on such a precious treasure but was giving it to her just like that?

    It must be known that when Luo Lan Zhi had opened his mouth to ask for the stone in the past, the black hearted fella had adamantly refused, by quoting a ridiculously high price for it.

    On the other side, all the others who saw Feng Tian Hen’s actions, regardless of whether it was the new recruits or disciples who had been in the Faint Mist Sect for many years already, they were greatly astounded and their eyes grew green with envy.

    It must be said that the young lady must be truly blessed. To think that the Chief, the first ranked inner circle disciple was treating her so well.

    But Qing Yu who had been bestowed with that honour did not look all that happy. Instead, her brows were creased up, the expression on her face looking rather complicated as she stared at the badge token at her hip.

    If she was not mistaken, the make of this identity token of hers was completely different from that of others. Just the material used differed by a million miles and the most important thing was…..

    Qing Yu’s confused gaze then turn to look at Feng Tian Hen’s lean hip, to see a jade token that was exactly the same as hers hanging there.

    [This couldn’t possibly be the fabled….. couple jade tokens right! ?]

    [Romanticism from the….. Ancients? ?]

    Qing Yu very nearly frightened herself to death with that stunning thought that jumped into her mind. She quickly halted the raging emotions that welled up within, her face expressionless as she said: “Thank you my senior.”

    Feng Tian Hen looked at her with a gentle smile. “You do not seem to like the identity token all that much.”

    [You don’t say! In front of so many new recruits and he conjures up such a show of exclusivity by giving her a specially made identity token badge? !]

    [Does he fear that everyone here wouldn’t want to stick a dagger into her back right this instant? So is he now encouraging them by doing this? He’s just making them think that she has used some underhanded means to win the favour of the inner circle’s number one, like maybe seduce him with beauty!]