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Chapter 157.4 - Romanticism from the….. Ancients?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 157.4: Romanticism from the….. Ancients?

    Although she was well filled up with nothing but scorn for him in her belly, her face as indifferent as she replied: “Not true, I like it.”

    Feng Tian Hen looked disbelievingly at her and raised an eyebrow with an indiscernible smile on his lips. “If you like it, then why is the expression on your face like this?”

    “Senior is showing me so much concern that I really do not know what kind of reaction I should give.” Qing Yu explained rather believably.

    A rare twitch twerked at the corner of Feng Tian Hen’s lips. “…..”

    Luo Lan Zhi and Su Li Mo could almost not maintain their stoic demeanor anymore. [So this is how the little lass interacts with the Chief? And the Chief isn’t getting angry in the slightest, but was being as indulgent to her as the rumours say.]

    Of course the ones that were the most shocked were those who viewed Qing Yu with enmity, the bunch from the Deviant Department that were thinking how they would be able to prank Qing Yu good and proper, like how they had forced others to leave the department before. All of them had faces looking like they had just seen a ghost at that moment.

    [The Chief is really going to indulge her like that?]

    [Oh Heaven! Fortunately they had not continued to dig their own graves after that lecture from Senior Luo. Otherwise if they had really done something irreversible, there wouldn’t be any medicine for regret.]

    [That girl isn’t even afraid of the Chief, but is putting on such an arrogant and rude attitude. No wonder she had treated them like little children…..]

    Thinking back about it, they had really been rather childish.

    “It seems that girl is really rather capable.” When Ming Jing saw that scene, he spoke his thoughts aloud softly.

    Feng Tian Hen was deep and profound, a man that was hard to read. Few dared to speak to him with such wilful carelessness and he was quietly allowing it as well. It must be said that it was a rare and spectacular sight to see.

    Ming Yi Yi beside him smirked a little smugly as she looked at Ming Jing, like he was praising her instead. “That is a matter of fact. Qing Yu is really highly skilled or how could she be accepted into the Deviant Department?”

    The look of reverence on her little self caused a look of suspicion to show on Ming Jing’s cold and aloof countenance. “You like her?”

    “That’s right! Not only is she my benefactor, she is now a good friend of mine, and she is very nice as well.” Ming Yi Yi did not see the puzzled look on her Big Brother’s face and she continued on to say: “If Big Brother comes to get to know her, you will surely like her as well.”

    “No need for that.” Ming Jing said with a scornful sniff, and turned his head away from her.

    “…..” Ming Yi Yi was baffled for a moment, not knowing what happened.

    [What did she say that got him so miffed?]

    Wen Ren Qian up upon the raised pedestal said a few more words, reminding the disciples to look out for their new fellow juniors and to help them along, coupled with some appropriate words telling them to share weal and woe before the welcome meet came to a close.

    After Wen Ren Qian departed, the rest of the people then began to leave the meeting hall one after another.

    Mu Lai and the few other girls then came swarming over to Qing Yu, their eyes mischievous as they stared at the jade token hanging from her hip.